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Ancient Discoveries Capture the Cultural Spirit of Amazing Indian Cities

True exploration is found in the depths of your personal interaction with a destination. And true travel entails immersing oneself in the spirit that defines each city. It entails going beyond the surface, uncovering the stories that shape its identity, and comprehending the nuances that distinguish it. ‘Antiquity Discoveries’ emerges from this ethos of genuine exploration. In collaboration with The Plated Project, Antiquity Natural Mineral Water invites the culturally curious to embark on a profound journey of discovery. This initiative, a vibrant celebration of untold stories, art, and culture, seeks to reveal the souls of four captivating Indian cities: Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, and Jaipur. Through a seamless fusion of visual storytelling and artistic expression, this collaboration invites people to experience the essence of each city in a way that goes beyond simple observation.

At the heart of this collaboration is the belief that there is more to the world than meets the eye, encouraging everyone to explore the unfamiliar and see the familiar in new ways. The initiative features a collection of limited-edition plates, water bottles, and coasters designed by four talented artists in collaboration with Antiquity Natural Mineral Water and The Plated Project.

The cities, chosen for their distinct cultural tapestries, serve as a canvas for these works. Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, is depicted by artist Aashti Miller, showcasing its ever-changing spirit through bustling lanes and distinctive symbols. Varshini Ramakrishnan vividly depicts Kolkata’s poetic alleys and its diverse population. Surabhi Banerjee vividly depicts Goa’s rich Portuguese-Konkan history, while Lekha Shastry explores Jaipur’s regal tapestry beyond palaces and archways.

The collaboration goes beyond just art and into an immersive multi-sensory experience. For the first time in India, a creative technologist and an artist collaborated to provide an unprecedented exploration of cities. This unique experience allowed individuals to explore these vibrant locations through the eyes of a heron, capturing the essence of each city in a unique light.

This year, Antiquity Discoveries was featured at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. An experience zone allows attendees to immerse themselves in the journey of discovery. It was here that the juxtaposition of art and technology came to life, allowing audiences to see into the souls of cities and the stories they hold.

The Plated Project, which is known for working with international artists to address pressing social issues, adds depth to this initiative. Limited-edition merchandise, such as plates, coasters, and water bottles, act as functional works of art, sparking discussions about these cities’ untold stories.

Antiquity Discoveries celebrates those who seek the story behind the story. This collaboration with The Plated Project not only results in artistic creations, but it also encourages a collective exploration of the rich narratives that define each city’s soul. Allow the heron to guide you through this collection, revealing the beauty of both familiar and unfamiliar elements. ‘Antiquity Discoveries’ invites you to experience freedom of imagination and uncover revelations in every Indian city.

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