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Blooming Hues

Amidst the quiet, an artist blooms,

A mother’s heart, now brushes  consume.

With vibrant hues on canvas, I play

A dance of colors, in a wondrous way.

A red Hibiscus, my muse in sight,

Petals unfurl, my dreams take a flight.

With passion, and my heart ablaze,

I find  respite in art’s embrace.

From empty nest, new purpose I found

 Painting the world  my heart unbound.

With every stroke, I write my story,

A symphony of art, in all its glory.

So let the Hibiscus forever bloom,

In love with art, dispelling all gloom.

A woman’s journey, colors blending,

My canvas of life, eternally transcending.

…. By Richa Maurya.

Richa Maurya

Richa Maurya is a passionate mother, an ex-IT person, an avid explorer, and a self-taught visual artist based in Bahrain. She is constantly in pursuit of neo-techniques and digital and traditional mediums to create art that reflects daily life, emotions, and Indian culture. Her art is inspired by everything around her, from the people she meets to the experiences she has. Her goal is to create art that tells a story and captures the essence of the world around her. She also teaches art in an effort to revive and popularise Indian folk art forms through online workshops. She creates digital content and e-learning modules under the banner of Folklore Arts Bahrain to facilitate the learning of various art forms as a hobby. Folklore Arts entire proceeds for the first 3 months were donated towards feeding the less fortunate as the pandemic spread in India in 2020.

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