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Double Ban Now: Goa, Gobi Manchurian And Puducherry, Cotton Candy

Cotton candy sold in Puducherry contains toxic chemicals.

The Puducherry government prohibited the sale of cotton candy. This is due to the use of toxic chemicals in cotton candy production.

 Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan made the announcement via a video on her official Instagram account. She asked that people avoid buying cotton candy for children because the toxic substances in it could harm their physical health.

According to India Today, vendors with a quality certificate from the food safety department can sell cotton candy. The governor also stated in the video that authorities discovered ‘Rhodamine B’, a toxic substance, in cotton candies in Puducherry. Cotton candies are eaten by both adults and children. It is a service issue.

Vendors must hold a Food Department licence.

Furthermore, Puducherry government officials have been directed to inspect shops and stalls selling cotton candy for the presence of toxic substances. The governor requested that the people of Puducherry make an informed decision. She emphasised that cotton candy sold in Puducherry contained toxic colour additives.

Rhodamine B, or RhB, is a chemical compound used as a dye. The National Institutes of Health ( website states that rhodamine B can enter the body through food. It can cause oxidative stress in cells and tissues.

 When consumed in excess, this chemical compound can lead to serious health problems such as cancer and liver dysfunction. When the human body is exposed to it in large quantities over a short period of time, it can cause acute poisoning.
If you visit Puducherry, exercise extreme caution when purchasing cotton candy in the coastal city.

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