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Introducing Self-Love and Inclusivity in the Tapestry of Indian Fashion 

It’s a sunny afternoon in Kolkata, and Pushpak Sen, also known as The Bong Munda, sits across from me. His eyes gleam with the fervour that only those who are deeply committed to their craft can have. In an insightful conversation, Sen discusses self-love, the critical need for inclusivity in Indian fashion, and how his hometown of Kolkata continues to shape his identity and work.

This story is about more than just fashion; it’s a look into the soul of someone who is working to instill inclusivity and authenticity in the fabric of Indian culture.

The Evolution of Self-Love.

Sen’s perspective on self-love is a breath of fresh air in a world saturated with perfectionist ideals. For him, self-love goes beyond the surface layers of self-care routines and delves deep into a journey of self-acceptance. “Self-love is an ongoing process,” he explains. “It’s about embracing who you are at your core, with all your flaws and imperfections.” This philosophy is not only Sen’s personal mantra but also a message he enthusiastically shares with his followers, encouraging a shift from self-criticism to self-appreciation.

Fashion’s Quest for Inclusivity

Despite global fashion’s progress towards inclusivity, Sen believes Indian fashion still has a long way to go. “Inclusivity isn’t just about body types or skin tones; it’s about embracing the diversity of personalities, temperaments, and cultures that India harbours,” he said. His critique highlights the homogeneity that is frequently seen on Indian runways and in fashion magazines, calling for a more diverse range of representation. Sen’s efforts to challenge stereotypes, particularly by making the saree a gender-fluid garment, demonstrate his dedication to the cause. His vision for Indian fashion embraces and celebrates gender fluidity and cultural diversity.

Kolkata: The Eternal Muse.

Sen sees Kolkata as more than just a city; it is an endless source of inspiration. “Kolkata, with its rich history and vibrant culture, has always influenced my work and personality,” he said. Kolkata, from the chaotic beauty of its streets to the quiet nostalgia of its colonial architecture, is central to Sen’s personal and professional narratives. His favourite rural getaways in West Bengal demonstrate his strong connection to his roots while also providing a glimpse into the diversity and richness that India has to offer outside of its urban centres. Sen’s story emphasises the importance of drawing inspiration from one’s surroundings, recognising the beauty in the ordinary, and the grandeur of heritage.

During our conversation, Sen not only discusses his career and goals but also paints a picture of an India that values diversity, challenges norms, and celebrates individuality. His journey, marked by a commitment to self-love and inclusivity, has inspired many, reminding us of the power of authenticity in a world that frequently demands conformity. As the afternoon sun casts long shadows across the room, it’s clear that Pushpak Sen’s story is about more than just fashion; it’s about paving the way for others to follow, towards a more inclusive and accepting world.

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