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Exclusive now:You see how an Indian-origin woman gets citizenship to the US at the age of 99.

At the age of 99, a woman of Indian descent has obtained official US citizenship.

Daibai took the Oath of Allegiance in their Orlando office on Friday, according to a statement released by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Her daughter and the USCIS official who delivered the oath were also there.It’s been said that age Is simply a number.

This animated 99-year-old who recently became a #NewUSCitizen in our Orlando office seems to confirm that. Daibai was eager to take the Oath of Allegiance because she is from India. She is shown with our officer, who swore her in, and her daughter.

Some expressed joy for Daibai’s new life, while others expressed worry over the immigration process’s delays. A user expressed happiness for Daibai.

However, the majority of Indians working under the H1B program will regrettably not receive their green cards until they are 99 years old, and in some cases, even 150.”Another person expressed their desire for a quicker and more efficient procedure by adding, “I want to become a citizen before I turn 99.

Kindly expedite the procedure for diligent immigrants.”

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