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The UK Made The Amazing ‘Labour Indians’ Programme

In order to improve its relationship with British Indians and fortify its ties to India in front of the forthcoming general elections in both countries, the UK’s opposition Labour Party has established a new diaspora group called Labour Indians.
The new group wants to increase its interaction with the UK’s 1.8 million-strong Indian diaspora.
David Lammy, the party’s shadow foreign secretary, led the inaugural ceremony, which took place on Tuesday night in the Houses of Parliament complex in London, according to news agency PTI.

In addition to providing an update on his recent trip to India, Lammy discussed his goals for the India-UK relationship in the event that Labour wins the upcoming election.

Regardless of political disagreements, Labour Party leader David Lammy stressed the significance of India’s standing as a “superpower” and the necessity of a robust UK-Indian partnership.
As per PTI, Lammy stated, “India is a superpower with a superpower-sized population and a superpower entrepreneurial, innovative, scientific, and industrial base.”
India continues to face difficulties. Without a doubt, though, the UK needs to realise that India is the world’s superpower at this particular geopolitical moment. Furthermore, it ought to be the case that the identity of India’s prime minister is actually irrelevant.

While acknowledging the difficulties of the past, especially those arising from anti-Indian language under Jeremy Corbyn, Lammy was upbeat about Keir Starmer’s leadership of the party.
Additionally, Lammy pledged that the party would finish negotiating an FTA with India. Due to impending general elections in both nations, these negotiations, which were started in January 2022 under the Conservative government, are now nearing their deadline.

Aim for Working Indians
With backing from other British-Indian vice-chairs, Councillor Shama Tatler and Labour’s potential Welsh parliamentary candidate, Kanishka Narayan, Labour Indians, led by Krish Raval, seek to close the divide between the party and the British-Indian communities.
For a variety of reasons, Indian homes had shifted away from the Labour Party, and it was challenging to find out why families who had historically been ardent supporters of the party felt that way while knocking on their doors. Under Starmer, we are making progress, but we still need to engage with the communities that the Conservatives have betrayed more, Tatler added.

Nikita Ved, a Labour Indian and co-founder of the British Indian think tank 1928 Institute, emphasised the organisation’s flexibility and commitment to serving the changing needs of progressive British-Indians.
In order to interact with the 1.8 million-strong Indian diaspora in advance of the anticipated general elections later this year, the Labour Party recently appointed a dedicated India Engagement Organiser, which led to the creation of Labour Indians.

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