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Exclusive: Rajkummar Rao now discusses the rumors of plastic surgery.

The actor Rajkummar Rao, who will next be seen in Srikanth, claims that people used to criticize his appearance and suggest that he was never cut out to be a leading man.

A fairly comical argument centered around Rajkummar Rao’s recent film, Srikanth Aa Raha Hai Sabki Aankhein Kholne, and whether or not he had plastic surgery.After a photo of him at Diljit Dosanjh’s latest concert went viral, people began to wonder if he had had surgery.

However, the man himself is responding to these queries, saying, “It is not plastic surgery!”He continues to talk for a while, becoming amused when we inform him that he was likened to Fighter (2024) antagonist Rishabh Sawhney. “I glanced at that specific image and thought this conversation was hilarious.

That photo appears too perfect to be true; my skin isn’t that perfect. I really do think it felt touched up. I began to resemble a K-pop idol.”He embraces his fine lines and all other aspects of typical aging: “I am no longer a 21-year-old guy; I have lines.” Having said that, folks used to make comments on my appearance at first.

Many people in casting and production told me when I first started out as an actor that I wouldn’t be able to play the lead roles because I didn’t have what it took. A portion must have a specific appearance.

When I first saw a dermatologist eighteen nine years ago, following Kai Po Che!, I had no idea that such things even existed.”After that, he had a filling. “I was made aware of everything. It was accurate when she observed, “Your face is imbalanced,” since my chin was a little too low. I could really feel the change after using a small amount of filler. Then came movies like Badhaai Do and Stree. It seemed OK to me.

That’s my face and my life. Why not use something medical if it is available? I prefer to do something if it gives me confidence. Many visit the doctor for hair transplants.

As long as you don’t go overboard and start to appear different,” remarks Rao, who has a full calendar of movies coming out in 2024.

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