Expensive Mango Varieties Of India: Know It All Now

Does a single mango really cost a staggering Rs 12,000? Unveiling the Intriguing Tale of India’s Most Expensive Mango Varieties

As the mango season reaches its peak in India, we present a compilation of unique and highly sought-after varieties that are known for their rarity, high price, and exceptional flavour.

In the sweltering Indian summers, a refreshing and delectable saviour emerges: the mango. With its juicy, tangy, and sweet flavours, it provides much-needed relief. The tropical delight can be found hanging from trees, with branches bending under the weight of the plump, sun-kissed fruit.
Ah, the nostalgia of those long-gone days when mangoes reigned supreme as the quintessential summer delight. With excitement, we would hurry to the market, holding a handful of rupees, and meticulously choose the most succulent and flavorful mangoes. Transporting them back to their homes felt as if I were cradling a fragment of pure radiance.

As we filled a large pot with cool water, we carefully submerged the mangoes, observing their buoyant movements with fascination. The wait seemed to stretch on forever. Finally, the moment arrived when we peeled the mango and savoured its delectable sweetness, inducing a state of pure bliss.

With over a thousand different types of mangoes cultivated worldwide, it’s possible that only a select few will have the opportunity to taste them all. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the world’s most expensive mangoes, which are far from ordinary.

1. Sindhri Mango is a popular variety of mango.

Hailing from the Sindh region of Pakistan, these mangoes have gained widespread popularity for their unmistakably sweet and aromatic flavour. The mangoes, highly adored in both India and Pakistan, boast a generous size and feature a vibrant, velvety yellow skin. These fruits, known for their distinctive taste, are highly regarded by many. The fertile soil and warm climate of Sindh are widely believed to contribute to their exceptional flavour. According to an article in India Today, the price of a Sindhri mango can reach as high as Rs 3,000 per piece.

2. Kohitur Mango

Renowned for their unique colour and texture, Kohitur mangoes are a rare find. According to an article in CondeNast Traveller, it is said that the mango in question was specifically developed for Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah in the 18th century. The task of creating new mango varieties for the nawabs was entrusted to a horticulturist named Hakim Ada Mohammadi.

This mango is exclusively available to royal families. It is believed to be a hybrid of the now-extinct Kalopahar and another undocumented variety. Grown in the heart of West Bengal, the variety is extensively cultivated in Murshidabad. With prices ranging from Rs 3,000 to a staggering Rs 12,000 per piece, it is considered quite valuable.

3. Alphonso Mango is a popular variety of mango.

Alphonso mangoes, a popular choice among many, are primarily cultivated in the coastal areas of Ratnagiri, Devgad, and the Konkan region in western India. Additionally, these crops are cultivated in the Valsad and Navsari districts of South Gujarat. In 2023, Alphonso mangoes emerged as the top-selling fruit on Zepto.

Known for its title as the “king of mangoes,” this variety boasts a striking golden-orange skin that gives a glimpse of the succulent, fibre-free flesh it holds within. In April 2023, Zepto, an instant delivery app, saw a staggering Rs 25 crore worth of mangoes ordered by Indians. Among the various varieties available, Alphonso emerged as a clear favourite among the customers. During the peak season, the price of the variant can reach as high as Rs 1,500 per kg.

4. Noorjahan Mango

A single Noorjahan mango has the potential to reach an impressive length of one foot.

We are pleased to introduce Noorjahan, another exquisite addition to our already extensive range of mango varieties. The mango lives up to its regal name with a taste that is truly fit for a king. According to reports, this particular variety is believed to have made its way to India from Afghanistan, passing through Gujarat.

A CNN Traveller report states that the Mughals played a significant role in the development of various mango varieties throughout history. The Noorjahan mango, in particular, is associated with the Mughal queen because of its descriptor, “mallika-e-aam,” or queen of mangoes. Mangoes have the potential to reach impressive weights of 3.5 kg and can grow to a remarkable foot-long size.
It is highly sought after by mango enthusiasts, but its limited availability makes it a rare delicacy exclusively enjoyed in Gujarat. The price can reach up to Rs. 1,000 per piece, depending on factors such as size and season.

5. Miyazaki Mango

Originating from Japan, this mango is renowned as the most expensive mango in the world, with a price tag of up to Rs 3 lakh/kg in international markets. Mangoes from Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, are renowned for their vibrant red skin and exquisite, luscious taste. The Miyazaki mango is commonly cultivated in Japan.

Only a select group of farmers in India, specifically from certain regions of West Bengal and Bhopal, have successfully cultivated this particular variety. The premium mango variety took centre stage at the mango festival in Siliguri, captivating attendees in 2023. The mangoes are carefully cultivated in controlled environments to guarantee the highest possible quality. Renowned for their impressive dimensions, captivating fragrance, and unparalleled sweetness, these specimens have gained quite a reputation.

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