Generative AI In The IPhones: Apple And Google Discuss Now

Google and apple are in talks about a possible partnership to include generative ai in future iphones

Joining forces would build upon the lengthy history of cooperation between the two firms, which has contributed to the development of numerous Apple products, including maps and search.

As the tech sector is reeling from the impact of a new technology, Apple is rushing to include it in its next iPhone and is in talks with Google about utilising their Gemini generative AI model.

The discussions are still in their early stages, and the specifics of any possible agreement have not been finalised, according to three sources familiar with the matter. It has been reported that Apple has been in talks with other AI firms in an effort to harness the capabilities of a huge language model that can independently generate text after analysing massive amounts of data.

Google and apple are in talks about a possible partnership to include generative AI in future iPhones. Smartphones from Samsung and Google, two of the company’s main competitors, have included Gemini, a video editing and audio summarization tool, into their latest models.

Neither Apple nor Google would comment. Bloomberg previously covered their discussions.
If Apple and Google were to reach an agreement on generative AI, it would cement one of the longest-running alliances in technology. Google has played an essential role in the success of the iPhone since its introduction by Apple in 2007. It started out by providing navigation through Google Maps and eventually signed a contract to become the default search engine for the iPhone’s Safari browser. This lucrative arrangement sees Google paying Apple about $18 billion annually. 

One more way Google is trying to bridge a gap in Apple’s product line is by discussing adding generative AI capabilities to the iPhone. The development of Apple’s own big language model, which powers chatbots such as Gemini and ChatGPT, has reportedly been behind schedule, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Apple lost a lot of money because it took too long to release an AI product. Microsoft, which has been actively pursuing artificial intelligence, supplanted it as the most valuable public business in the world this year, ending its ten-year reign. Many believe this technology will cause major changes in the corporate world and generate wealth worth trillions of dollars.

Whatever happens with Apple, the company still has a shot at becoming a major participant in the artificial intelligence market. With more than two billion devices in use, the firm is a desirable partner for tech giants like Google. When artificial intelligence services start handling people’s schedules or health records, their stellar reputation for data security might come in handy.

If an agreement is struck, the Gemini model may be made available on iPhones all around the world. This would provide Google with access to a huge user base and further mainstream generative AI. With a partnership with Apple, Google’s artificial intelligence could surpass its main competitor, OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, in terms of user adoption almost immediately, creating an enticing opportunity.

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