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Grateful: Ricky Kej On Outstanding Rendition Of The Indian National Anthem

A 100-piece Indian National Anthem is played by a British orchestra.

Monday’s performance of the national anthem by Ricky Kej drew a response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Grammy-winning musician posted a 60-second clip of his rendition of the national anthem that was recorded at London’s illustrious Abbey Road Studios with the largest Symphony Orchestra in the world.  

Kej’s post on the national anthem prompted PM Modi to respond on X (previously Twitter), writing, “Wonderful.   

It will undoubtedly inspire pride in every Indian.  

A few days ago, I conducted a 100-piece British orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, to sing India’s National Anthem at the storied Abbey Road Studios in London, as Kej had previously revealed on X.  

It’s incredible that a larger orchestra has never recorded India’s national anthem. When I heard “Jaya He” in the end, I felt chills. Being an Indian composer was fantastic. I’m making this historical tape available to every single one of you on this Independence Day. Utilise, distribute, and enjoy it, but treat it with respect. You currently own it. Kej yelled, “Jai Hind.”  

This rendition of the national anthem is the composer’s “gift to the nation,” according to another post by the three-time Grammy winner. He said there would be no requests for royalties, payments, or fees and that anyone could use the tape and video as they wanted.  

He went on to say that the National Anthem “belongs to you as much as it belongs to me.” “I am feeling great pride,” Kej told ANI of his satisfaction with the hymn. India today has developed. Our opinions are considered when decisions are made internationally that affect the economy and the environment. The truth is that other nations are assuming our leadership positions.  

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which has 100 players, is the biggest orchestra to have ever recorded the Indian national anthem. It performs this hymn as a symbol of the new India.  

According to ANI, Kej performed the national anthem in 2022 alongside 12 other Indian immigrants, who also included singers from Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Cameron.

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