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Have you done this?

Hey fellow human, 

Raise your head, 

Raise your eyes from the tiny rectangle in your palm

And look around 

Look at the other human near you,

Look deep within his/her eyes…

They may look pale.

They may contain frozen & dried up teardrops.

They would have a zillions of emotions

Hidden within them.

They would have an ocean of sorrows, pain, agony & melancholy.

They would have a ton of stories of despair buried within them.

They would have an intense desire, crave for love & touch, 

Ears to listen and shoulder to lean on.

Only, only if you look deep within, you can see all of them.

Smile at them, hold their hand for a while

Until everything hidden in those eyes get released.

You will feel something which you have never experienced before.

Just Do it. Do you know why?

Because you are a fellow human being

Living on the same blue tiny dot in universe

Sharing the same air, same sunlight

And travelling for a very short span of time.

So, let me tell you again,

 Raise your eyes from the tiny rectangle

And look deep within the eyes of someone around you, 

Don’t forget to hold hands, to experience the magic.

-Sandhya Naren

Sandhya Naren

Sandhya Naren, a Kochiite currently living in Mangalore, is a Banker by profession and a Storyteller, Writer & Trainer by passion. She writes Poems & Short stories in English & Malayalam. She balances life of Logic & Numbers at office with Fantasy & Creativity when not in office.

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