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Love Rooted In The Soul

If there is love rooted in the soul…
You can swim in any ocean.
Can fly to the infinity of any space

Let’s move forward with non-shaking feet
that don’t cut through the ditches

You can walk through the snow without socks

Even in old age, happiness can be rowed

An insatiable passion for life rather than death will arise

Everything that was put off thinking
that it was not possible can be seen in possible in that moment

See the magic where everything you see becomes cool
and everything you hear becomes pleasant.

Shades will be found in sun and roadsides

Spring blooms in hot summer

Earthly beauty will be seen in wind, rain, stone and soil

Even wounds will be sweetened

Have you experienced such a love?
Anytime in your life?

-A poem by Sindhu Gatha

Sindhu Gatha

Sindhu who has taken up a pen name ‘Gatha” for herself, writes for online and offline Indian publications. Sindhu is an executive member of Artist Club International. She represents Bengaluru zone as an executive member for Creative Women. She dons multiple hats as, chief editor of Kids magazine Champaykka and a member of the editorial panel of KAMA. Sindhu is the Editor of Kavyakalika and Editor of Sargam e-magazine. She is also one of the editors of Sarggajalakam by United Writers, Bangalore. She is a member of editorial panel of Srishti printed magazine. She has been awarded the first prize of Suma Mohan Memorial poem writing competition, Kollengode Ashrayam College organized general writing and Mundur Krishnankutty Memorial Story Award for the year 2021 instituted by Vyaparakeralam.

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