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Here A New Apple Mini-like Device May Help You Track Your Health at Home:

Ultrahuman, an India-based health platform, presented a home-based health tracking device at CES 2024 in Bengaluru. The device aims to help individuals track and improve their living spaces’ health. The Ultrahuman Home device monitors a wide range of parameters within the home in order to improve passive factors that affect our health.

Wearable health devices have advanced significantly since their introduction into the market. By simply counting the number of steps taken per day, the devices can now measure heart rate, blood pressure, sleeping patterns, activity levels, and much more, providing a much more comprehensive picture of one’s health.

However, these trackers do not measure external factors such as room pollution or carbon dioxide levels, temperature, or humidity, all of which have long-term effects on individual health. Home health monitors are available on the market to keep track of these factors, but as Ultrahuman points out, they do not provide a longitudinal view of how they change over time or how they may have influenced one’s health.

Ultrahuman Home leverages existing personal health tracking products to link environmental factors to lifestyle outcomes and offer actionable steps for improvement.

Factors tracked by Ultrahuman Home

The home-based device can detect levels of ultraviolet and sunlight within the living space, providing a picture of the natural light available. Sunlight is a well-known source of vitamin D, and deficiency has been linked to sleep problems. Ultrahuman claims that natural light can help boost vitamin D levels and improve circadian rhythm.

Aside from natural light, the system monitors blue light exposure from artificial lights, which suppresses melatonin and increases the risk of sleep disorders and insomnia. Ultrahuman Home can help users create a more comfortable living and sleeping environment.

Particulate matter (PM) is now a concern not only in congested areas and traffic jams but also in your home, and Ultrahuman Home is designed to detect and alert you when PM levels in the house exceed a certain threshold. Long-term or high-level PM exposure has an impact on respiratory health and may cause cardiovascular dysfunction.

The home also monitors noise levels and the frequency of such events per hour to determine whether they have an impact on your sleep efficiency, as measured by Ultrahuman’s sleep tracking device, AIR. Urban noise in environments may be the cause of your poor sleep patterns or the need for sleep medication.

The device also monitors smoke levels in the room and can be used as a fire hazard sensor. It also monitors humidity levels to ensure they remain optimal. According to the company, both too little and too much humidity has been linked to an increased risk of respiratory infections.

Pricing and availability

The company has also ensured that the device’s functionality does not interfere with the health goals that users are attempting to achieve, and it employs a dim-light feature to reduce the impact on sleep patterns. On-demand microphones and on-device processing are two additional features that protect user privacy while using the device.

“Ultrahuman Home marks a pioneering move in the health wearable space,” stated Mohit Kumar, Ultrahuman’s founder and CEO, in a press release. “Using the Home device’s unique markers, we’d be able to connect an individual’s health markers to their surroundings. This integration of on-body and off-body health tracking marks a first in the health monitoring space.”

The device costs $349 and will be available through Kickstarter in January.

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