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Indian-Americans slam University of Pennsylvania professor for her disparaging comments against Asian-Americans

Recently in an interview with a popular news channel, Prof Amy Wax from the University of Pennsylvania alleged that “Blacks” and “non-Western” groups have “a tremendous amount of resentment and shame against western people for their outsized achievements and contributions.” Wax targeted the influential Indian-American doctors’ community as well. “They are on the ramparts for the antiracism initiative for ‘dump on America,” she alleged.

The comment was condemned by Indian-Americans across the US.  “After President Trump left office, I thought the days of calling others “shithole” countries were over,” Prof. Krishnamoorthi said in a tweet.  Indian American Law professor Neil Makhija also slammed Wax for her comments. He said, “It’s irresponsible to use your position to lend credibility to these overtly racist sentiments that don’t recognize Indian-Americans for who we are.”

Indian-American Impact is slated to hold a summit next month in DC Makhija told Axios he’s planning to adjust programming to discuss the incident and create solutions against anti-Asian and South Asian hate in educational settings. Penn has confirmed that the school is in the middle of disciplinary proceedings against Wax, NBC News reported. In January 2022, Dean Ruger announced that he would move forward with a University Faculty Senate process to address Professor Wax’s conduct, and that process is underway,” the report quoted the Penn representative as saying.

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