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Indian Ladies Association, Bahrain announces the Executive committee, 2022

The 2022 Annual Day celebration of the Indian Ladies Association held on 23rd March 2022, saw an overwhelming response with the majority of members attending the induction ceremony of the new committee under the leadership of Hon President Shipra Dhir Passi at the Crown Plaza Hotel Bahrain.

The event was presided by Mrs. Monika Shrivastav, I.L.A Patron and wife of H.E. Mr. Piyush Shrivastav, Ambassador of India. It was an evening of celebration and reflection on surviving the last 2 years of the pandemic in spite of the lack of events in true ILA spirit.

An array of activities like singing, dancing, activities, interaction, and fun marked the evening. The old committee was honoured for their dedication as they stepped down to give place to the new. Mrs. Passi in her speech said, “It’s a great honour and responsibility to serve the prestigious Indian Ladies Association this year and to be elected for the vital role of the President. I accept this with gratitude, humility, and utmost dedication. For more than half a century, the Indian Ladies Association, known as ILA, has been a strong presence in the region and greatly admired as a part of the social life in Bahrain. “

She further added, “I.L.A., as we call it with love and pride, is Bahrain’s oldest expat NGO under the Patronage of the Embassy of India and the wife of His Excellency the Ambassador of India. Founded by the late Mrs. Leela Jashnamal and her group of enterprising Indian ladies in 1956, ILA is today as one of the leading social and charitable organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are all part of a glorious history- the history of Indian women in Bahrain and hence we always hold this reputation and honour of our I.L.A high wherever we represent it. I am fortunate to be accompanied by an Executive 2022 team of very passionate, professional, and dedicated 8 ladies with me. We rely on each other to bring out the best in ourselves and grow together.” said Mrs Passi in her speech. 

Standing from left to right Mrs. Alifiya Rahil Husain (Hon. Secretary Membership), Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma (Hon. Secretary Entertainment),  Mrs. Mamta Bajaj (Hon. Secretary Operations), Mrs. Seema Bansal (Hon. Secretary Activities)
Sitting from left to right Mrs. Sumithra Balu (Hon. Secretary Public Relations), Mrs Anjali Gupta (Hon. Vice President), Mrs. Shipra Dhir Passi (Hon. President), Mrs. Prajakta Khedkar (Hon. General Secretary), Mrs Kiran Mangle (Hon. Treasurer)

 Last two years ILA’s dedicated volunteers and Teachers have continued Sneha Recreation center Online when most of the special kids’ schools were completely closed due to the pandemic. ILA is planning to start Sneha recreation Centre offline. Small kids are waiting to meet their friends and teachers in person. “This year the theme that would drive us is “Nayee Udaan Ki Nayee Disha” aiming to steer the flight in a new direction with changing times and new opportunities with the vision for this term, “Let’s Rediscover, Innovate and Grow Together. This all is just a dream until the generous souls of Bahrain come forward and contribute their bit to our efforts. At ILA we believe each one of you can contribute in your own unique way to highlight ILA’s glorious legacy and support future plans. You may be a prospective ILA member, someone looking for a reliable organization to donate to a cause or a sponsor looking for an opportunity to support a well-trusted and respected registered NGO under the CSR policy of the company. We welcome you all and that’s how we shall grow together this year. This solidarity with our vision is the best support you all can give us! We, the team with our energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and zeal promise to uphold the values and motto of ILA “Service before self”, Shipra Dhir Passi said in a press release

Sarmistha Dey

Sarmistha Dey is an Indian Diaspora staff reporter at WFY, Bahrain bureau. She is an experienced HR and media professional. She is a poet as well as a singer.

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