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Introducing the top tech companies in India that you need to know about .

Several of the most significant software companies in the world are based in India.

India boasts one of the world’s leading software and IT markets. The nation is a great place for some of the most significant software firms in the world to flourish, including the ones listed below.

Examples of these companies include the vibrant business ecosystem in Mumbai and the numerous innovation centers in Hyderabad.

India’s leading software companies:

Consultancy Services, Tata







Tata Consultancy Services (TCS),

With a market valuation of about $180 billion, is among the most valuable companies in India. Commencing in 1968, it’s also among the most established. Operating under the banner of the largest conglomerate in the country, Tata Group, the company provides a range of software solutions to the banking, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications sectors.

TCS has multiple offices in Bangalore and Chennai, in addition to its Mumbai headquarters.


The second-biggest IT company in India provides a variety of services, such as cybersecurity, bespoke app development, and cloud migration and deployment. Additionally, it develops tools to help with customer engagement, marketing, and other business operations, guiding clients in over 50 countries through their digital transition. The company runs a research facility in Bangalore, which serves as its headquarters.


Beyond its name-brand search engine, Google is well-known for its advancements in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, adtech, and many other tech fields. Its AI assistant and generative AI tools, such as Gemini, are particularly noteworthy. With numerous sizable locations spread across India, the software behemoth—whose headquarters are in California—has one of Google’s largest global workforces. In the future, the business hopes to deepen its relationship with India by investing $10 billion in the nation’s digital revolution.


Operating the largest online retail platform globally and the leading cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services, Amazon is a worldwide technology behemoth. Amazon is based in Seattle, Washington, but throughout the years, it has made billions of dollars in investments in India and intends to add another $15 billion by 2030. In fact, the corporation claims that Hyderabad is home to its largest corporate office outside of the United States, and it maintains other offices around Bangalore.


IBM employs over 130,000 people in India, where it has many research sites in Gurugram, Delhi, and Mumbai in addition to its regional headquarters and research facility in Bangalore. Its head office is in New York City. One of the biggest and oldest IT businesses in the world, IBM was founded in 1911 and offers a variety of hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure services. In other cutting-edge innovation areas like blockchain, quantum computing, artificial general intelligence, and others, it is a pathfinder.

Tech Mahindra:

Thousands of clients worldwide are assisted by Tech Mahindra, an IT services and consulting firm, in utilizing technologies such as 5G, AI, and the metaverse. Additionally, it creates software for a variety of markets, including media and finance. Following the completion of its merger with Satyam, an Indian tech titan, Tech Mahindra became the nation’s fifth-largest software company in 2013. The Pune-based corporation has operations in Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai and almost 100,000 employees across India.


Microsoft is one of the most well-known IT businesses in the world, best known for its Xbox game console, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software suite, as well as its Windows operating system. Additionally, it is a major force in artificial intelligence, geographical computing, and web search. With its headquarters located in Redmond, Washington, the corporation employs over 20,000 people at its ten corporate offices in India, which are situated in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Gurugram.


A platform for video conferences called Webex and a cybersecurity tool called Firepower are just two of the many networking, collaboration, security, and data center software products that Cisco produces. With over 80,000 workers worldwide, the California-based corporation employs over 12,000 people out of its development facility in Bangalore, making it its biggest location outside of the US. Additionally, Cisco maintains a number of sales offices around India, including ones in Mumbai and Pune.


The global leader in digital payments, PayPal, makes it possible for people to transfer and receive money online. Additionally, it serves as a payment processor for online merchants, auction websites, and other businesses. Although the company’s technological hubs are located in Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, its headquarters are in California. On its website, PayPal states that these are its biggest locations outside of the US.


With over 8,000 employees spread across five cities in India, the software company Adobe, based in California, is reputedly the largest employee hub outside of the US. The media and content creation sectors rely heavily on the company’s products, which include the graphic design software InDesign, the drawing app Illustrator, and the picture editing application Photoshop. Additionally, it provides a range of B2B e-commerce solutions that enable companies to use AI to target customers with messaging and content.


HCL Technologies, originally established in 1976 as Hindustan Computers, ventured into the software industry in 1999 and changed its name to HCLTech in 2022. The company offers IT services and consultancy, specializing in digital engineering, cloud adoption, and IoT solutions for organizations. Additionally, it runs a software sector with products for digital transformation, automation, analytics, and security. With additional locations in Bangalore, Chennai, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Noida, HCLTech has its headquarters located in Noida.

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