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Its Official: Sivasankari Selected For The Saraswati Samman Award

Celebrated Tamil Author Sivasankari Receives the esteemed 32nd Saraswati Samman Award.

WFY BUREAU: In a beautiful ceremony at the National Museum in Delhi, the air was charged with anticipation and excitement. The event’s chief guest, M. Veerappa Moily, a former Union minister and distinguished award laureate, graced the occasion. The spotlight, however, was on the remarkable novelist and activist Sivasankari, who was honoured with the prestigious Saraswati Samman for her Tamil memoir, Surya Vamsam, for 2022.

M. Veerappa Moily, an esteemed figure, lauded Sivasankari, highlighting her significant contributions to Indian literature and society. “Sivasankari ji’s dedication to the vision of India shines through in her literary work, which reflects the diverse and rich traditions of our languages. She is a symbol of the nation, embodying a unique spirit and scholarly achievements. She has our utmost admiration. Throughout India’s illustrious literary history, women have played a pivotal role, and Sivasankari Ji is a shining example of this,” Moily remarked with profound respect.

The Saraswati Samman, established by the KK Birla Foundation, is a highly esteemed award with a plaque, citation, and a cash prize of Rs. 15 lakh. Sivasankari joins the League of Eminent Authors as the 32nd recipient of this esteemed prize, acknowledging her exceptional literary contribution. The selection process, overseen by Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri, a former Supreme Court member, involves a meticulous three-tier procedure through the Chayan Parishad.

Sharing her journey with the audience, Sivasankari expressed, “Writing has been a lifelong pursuit for me… I am deeply moved by the positive reception my work has received from both critics and readers alike. I would like to affirm that my book is a reflection of truth, devoid of any embellishments regarding characters, events, or other literary aspects. Some critics even remarked that Sivasankari accomplished in one life what many achieve in seven,” she added, reflecting on her life’s work.

Amidst the gathering, Priyavrat Bhartia, a board member of HT Media, conveyed warm regards to Sivasankari on behalf of HT Media’s chairwoman and editorial director, Shobhana Bhartia, who couldn’t attend the ceremony. “Sivasankari ji, this year’s recipient of the Saraswati Samman, joins a league of extraordinary Indian literary figures who have been honoured over the years. She serves as an inspiration to generations of writers, as do all the recipients of the Saraswati Samman,” he emphasised, underscoring the significance of Sivasankari’s remarkable achievement.

Amidst accolades and admiration, Justice Sikri emphasised the unanimous support of each juror for Sivasankari, acknowledging her with deep respect. Dr. Suresh Rituparna, the director of the KK Birla Foundation, extended heartfelt gratitude in a concluding speech, expressing gratitude for the celebration of literature and culture.

Sivasankari’s literary journey spans over half a century, comprising an impressive repertoire of three biographies, 36 novels, 48 novellas, 150 short stories, 15 travelogues, and seven collections of essays. Her memoir, Surya Vamsam, published in 2019, intricately weaves her transformation as a budding writer into a renowned author, entwined with the broader evolution of society.

The Saraswati Samman, alongside other notable literary awards like the Vyas Samman and the Bihari Puraskar, stands as a testament to the profound contributions of Indian literature and its enduring.

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