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Keen to work in Germany, France or Netherlands?

Some of the hottest jobs in offer in these EU nations now

Post-pandemic change in the job market has demanded a different work culture. It has significantly impacted job trends across the globe.

The nature of work has also changed after turmoil in firms and work dynamics triggered by COVID.

To keep pace with the changing scenario, companies started demanding innovation at a pace never seen before.

The fastest-growing job profiles in European job markets over the years, as shown by LinkedIn data, give an idea about the world of work.


Public sector consultant

Function: A¬†public sector consultant’s job requires him/her to advise public and state institutions on the modernization and digitalization of administration and infrastructure.

Product Analyst

Function:¬†Product analysts are needed to use metrics to evaluate a company’s products. It is done to see if they meet the current and future needs of the market.

Business Development Representative

Function: Business development representatives are like early-career salespeople employed for identifying and reaching out to prospective clients


Freight Forwarder

Function: A freight forwarder takes care of the shipment and transport of goods.

Machine Learning Engineer

Function: Machine learning engineers are required to implement self-running artificial intelligence algorithms and systems.

Robotics Engineer

Function: Robotic engineers are wanted for the design, construction and testing of robots.


Sales Operations Manager

Function: Sales operations managers lead departments that look after the sales process. It is done to increase effectiveness, help identify growth opportunities and implement improved forecasting.

Billing Assistant

Function:¬†The billing assistant takes care of all of the company’s financial entries (issuing invoices, monitoring payments, reminders, etc.)


Cloud Architect

Function: Cloud architects are responsible for designing and building scalable and resilient cloud environments.


Site Reliability Engineer

Function:¬†Site reliability engineers are required to create and implement automated software tools, which maximize a system’s reliability and efficiency.

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