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Know All About The Outstanding First Secular Religion Seminar

France hosted the first “All Religions Seminar,” which was secular in nature. The goal of the seminar was to provide a courteous and open forum for discussion on issues important to the French-Indian diaspora. Senior officials and representatives of several communities and associations within the Indian diaspora in France were present at the gathering. Presenters from various associations all agreed that, in light of the current geopolitical environment and India’s growing prominence, it was imperative that Indians living in France unite as one unit and support one another as well as our homeland, Bharat.

Sardar Iqbal Singh Bhatti, President of Aurore-Dawn and the primary organiser of the event, spoke about his experiences helping mankind and how one individual can make a difference in society. He went on, “We will soon become a sea of kindness if each of us decides to contribute one drop of effort and resources.”
The founder of the Dashmesh Sikh Academy in Paris, Sardar Gurdial Singh Khalsa, explained that God is one and that all people are treated equally by him, regardless of their race, religion, or social class.

He proposed that in order to discover our inner serenity and recognise our authentic voice, humans must submit to the will of the highest powers. He sincerely thought that if the Indian Diaspora as a whole chooses to unite and fortify this community of like-minded individuals, then such an endeavour must go on and finally flourish.
The president of the BJP’s overseas friends in France, Avinash Mishra, emphasised how India is a prime example of “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” and how, as a motherland, it has fostered all major religions and allowed them to flourish here.

At the conclusion of the seminar, various associations were commended for their excellent community work and given tokens of appreciation.
Other dignitaries in attendance at the seminar included Mrs. Kavita Singh ਵੀਸ, President of the Bhajpa France Unit; Parminder Lal Cailais from B. S. P.; Ram Singh Maigra, President of the Association (Begumpura Aid International); and Sh. Joginder Kumar, President of the Association F. A. F. I.

Diversity in Unity: The Essential Lesson
The theme of unity in variety, which is a deeply rooted principle in Indian culture, was central to the seminar. The primary organiser and president of Aurore-Dawn, Sardar Iqbal Singh Bhatti, emphasised the value of kindness and teamwork in building a great community. In line with this idea, the founder of Dashmesh Sikh Academy, Sardar Gurdial Singh Khalsa, stressed the divine’s universality and the significance of yielding to the highest will in order to achieve inner tranquilly. President of the Overseas Friends of the BJP in France, Avinash Mishra, further strengthened this idea of togetherness by highlighting India as a model of religious tolerance and highlighting the country’s principle of ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family).

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