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Know How To Vanish From WhatsApp In A Click.

Stopping by Force: By keeping it from operating in the background, WhatsApp allows you to appear offline without using cellular data or disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

Millions of people use the well-known instant messaging service WhatsApp to communicate with one another through calls and texts. But what happens if you’d rather not use the app? One disadvantage of WhatsApp is that it doesn’t have a log-off feature, so people you know can message you at any time, which could be bothersome if you’re not in the mood to talk.

There are several methods by which users can momentarily vanish from the app. Disabling WhatsApp notifications helps you focus by avoiding distractions from messages during the day.

•Open the Settings menu.

•Tap on Notifications, then WhatsApp.

•Turn off the green notification switch next to “Allow Notifications.”

By forcing WhatsApp to cease functioning in the background, you may easily appear offline without using cellular data or disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Recall that the application will reactivate if you open it.

•Enter your phone’s settings.

•Go to Applications.

•Select WhatsApp and tap Force Stop.

Disabling mobile data, particularly for WhatsApp, is another way to stop getting messages on WhatsApp.

This means that WhatsApp won’t interfere with your ability to utilize other internet-dependent apps.

•Open WhatsApp.

•Tap the three-dot icon in the top left corner and select Settings.

•Go to Notifications and disable all notification sounds.

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