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Of Bothers And Betrayals

Lest you bother, my heart
I’ll let you know
They’re worthless
If they don’t care for you

Lest you are sad, my heart
I’ll just say
Don’t be
You’re better than that

Lest you miss them, my heart
It’s alright
You loved and lost
And that’s not your fault

Lest you feel betrayed, my heart
You sure were
But if you persevere
You’ll get through this too, like other setbacks

Be strong, be brave
And you’ll see, my heart
You’re the one
Who emerges
The winner

-Kulmohan Kaur

Kulmohan Kaur

Kulmohan Kaur is a Gazetted Officer with Govt. of India. She is an NLP Master Practitioner from European Council of NLP, Life Coach Certification (ANLP, ECNLP). She has a post graduate degree in Psychology. She is an author, blogger, avid reader, motivational Speaker, relationship Guide and Life Coach.

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