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Oil India Launches a Global Partner New Roadshow

This event is a significant step for OIL as it seeks to achieve ambitious growth and expand its global presence.

The company has set ambitious production targets of 4 million metric tonnes of oil and 5 billion cubic metres of gasoline per year by 2026, with a revenue target of $12 billion by 2030.

To meet these objectives, OIL intends to invest $4.8 billion in a variety of activities, including increased exploration, improved field development, and accelerated production.

Additionally, the company intends to aggressively expand its operations in offshore Indian regions.

The roadshow will allow OIL to showcase its detailed procurement strategies for the next five years, fostering collaboration with potential partners in the energy services industry.

The event’s goal is to streamline the partner onboarding process and strengthen relationships with companies so that they can explore new business opportunities.

Over 50 leading companies in the energy sector are expected to participate.

The focus will be on promoting innovation, sustainability, and strategic alliances, with OIL aiming to set new industry standards through global collaboration.

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