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PLC’s ‘Connecting People’ Event Is Now Set To Empower Migrants

PLC is determined to Raise Legal and Medical Awareness among Indian expats.

An educational programme called “Connecting People” has been announced by the Pravasi Legal Cell (PLC) Bahrain Chapter in an effort to promote a greater awareness of legal and medical aspects of daily life. The event, which is set for August 12 at 7:30 p.m., is getting ready to give attendees a thorough understanding of the importance of legal awareness and physical well-being.

In Umm Al Hassam’s Kims Health Auditorium, a Saturday evening of informative knowledge exchange is scheduled.

The focus of “Connecting People” will be a captivating chat show about safe migration that includes legal professionals and community leaders. This portion is meant to give prospective migrants crucial knowledge of legal protections and personal security, with the goal of illuminating safe migration rules for migrants. The lively discussion should provide direction for those preparing to travel for migratory purposes.

Attendees can anticipate a health discussion concentrating on lifestyle changes to improve mobility in a section that is equally important. A renowned medical professional will explore the topic of healthy living and how it directly affects general wellbeing. Participants should expect to leave with concrete ideas and helpful advice for living a better and more satisfying life.

The “Connecting People” event, which acknowledges the interdependence of these vital components, serves as a link between legal and medical awareness. The programme aims to equip participants with the knowledge they need to make educated decisions, eventually promoting a life of legal compliance and overall wellness.

The Pravasi Legal Cell cordially invites everyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of legal and medical issues. Join the ‘Connecting People’ project on August 12 at 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday at the Kims Health Auditorium.

Inquiries and registrations can be sent to 39461746, 33052258, and 33052485 from individuals who are keen to take part.

‘Connecting People’ is a platform that will keep you informed, connected, and empowered while preparing you for life’s legal and medical complexities. Don’t pass up this chance to broaden your horizons and live a well-rounded life.

Sarmistha Dey

Sarmistha Dey is an Indian Diaspora staff reporter at WFY, Bahrain bureau. She is an experienced HR and media professional. She is a poet as well as a singer.

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