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PM Narendra Modi And Mauritian PM Inaugurate Fantastic New Airstrips

The launch of these projects will improve connections between mainland Mauritius and Agalega, bolster marine security, and promote socioeconomic development. It also serves as a testament to the strong and long-standing development relationship between India and Mauritius. The launch of these programmes is noteworthy since it comes after the two leaders recently introduced UPI and RuPay Card services in Mauritius on February 12, 2024.

Inaugurating the new airstrip and St. James Jetty, together with six community development projects at Agalega Island in Mauritius, India and Mauritius are jointly making history, according to Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Pravind Jugnauth of Mauritius. Prime Minister Jugnauth described the occasion as a representation of the two countries’ model collaboration and praised Prime Minister Modi for adding a new facet to the relationship between Mauritius and India. He also expressed gratitude for Prime Minister Modi’s attendance today. “The new airstrip and jetty facility in Agalega is the fulfilment of yet another Mauritian dream,” Prime Minister Jugnauth declared, praising India’s complete financing of the project.

On behalf of the government and the people of Mauritius, he expressed his sincere gratitude to Prime Minister Modi for his special regard for the island nation since taking office in India. He praised Prime Minister Modi for his outstanding global leadership and statesmanship and emphasised how the Indian diaspora has become a global hub for achievement, values, and expertise. He said that Mauritius was the first country to implement the “Jan Aushadhi Scheme,” which permits the procurement of roughly 250 premium medications from the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Bureau of India. This initiative benefits the island nation’s citizens as a whole and strengthens the bonds between the two nations.

At the end of his speech, Prime Minister Jugnauth expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Modi for assisting Mauritius in implementing such large, transformative projects that will both accomplish development goals and greatly improve the country’s capabilities in marine security and surveillance.
Speaking at the event, the prime minister stated that this is his fifth meeting in the past six months with the prime minister of Mauritius, H.E. Mr. Pravind Jugnauth, demonstrating the dynamic, robust, and special cooperation that exists between Mauritius and India.

According to him, Mauritius is a special partner under Vision SAGAR and a crucial ally of India’s “Neighbourhood First Policy.” The Prime Minister stated, “As members of the Global South, we share common priorities, and over the last ten years, there has been unprecedented momentum in the two countries’ relations, and new heights of mutual cooperation have been achieved.” The Prime Minister mentioned the UPI and Rupay Card, which have provided modern digital connectivity, while also mentioning historical language and cultural links.

The Prime Minister emphasised that development partnerships have served as the cornerstones of the political alliances between the two countries and that India’s developmental contributions are contingent upon Mauritius’s priorities, including health security and EEZ security. The Prime Minister emphasised that India has long supported the island nation of Mauritius, whether it be during the COVID epidemic or the oil spill, saying that “India has always respected Mauritius’s needs and acted as the first responder.” According to him, improving conditions for the Mauritius people is India’s main goal. The Prime Minister stated that throughout the past ten years, India has given the people 400 million dollars in aid in addition to a 1,000 million dollar credit line.

He said that India has been lucky to contribute to the construction of sports complex infrastructure in Mauritius, ENT hospitals, community development projects, social housing, and civil service colleges.

The Prime Minister conveyed his joy at being able to keep his 2015 pledge to the people of Agalega. In India, this is now referred to as the Modi Ki Guarantee. The joint opening of these facilities today would improve living conditions, the prime minister declared. It will strengthen administrative ties with the mainland and connections between Mauritius’s northern and southern regions. He stated that school-age children’s transportation and medical evacuation would get better.

PM Modi stated that India and Mauritius are the ideal partners in marine security to address the traditional and non-traditional concerns in the Indian Ocean Region that impact the two economies. “We are making a concerted effort to guarantee peace, prosperity, and security throughout the Indian Ocean region. The Indian Prime Minister said, “We are collaborating in every field, including hydrography, joint patrolling, disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, and Exclusive Economic Zone monitoring. He underlined that the opening of the airfield and jetty at Agalega today will boost Mauritius’ blue economy and promote bilateral collaboration between the two nations.

Praiseing the establishment of Jan Ayushadhi Kendras in Mauritius, Prime Minister Jugnauth said that Mauritius has become the first nation to join India’s Jan Aushadhi initiative, which will benefit the island’s citizens by supplying higher-quality generic medications made in India.
The Prime Minister thanked his counterpart from Mauritius for his forward-thinking vision and energetic leadership as he concluded his speech. He conveyed his belief that the relationship between Mauritius and India will reach unprecedented levels in the near future.

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