Rajamouli scores a global hit with his new movie RRR

Rajamouli became internationally famous for his magnum opus Bahubali, which was acclaimed by movie lovers all over the world. It was a world-class movie made by a south Indian director, basically from Andhra Pradesh, India.

RRR the latest venture from Rajamouli released all over after the covid pandemic naturally had expectations rose sky high, and he could satisfy the movie goes around the world. The blockbuster hit RRR, which claimed to be the second most expensive film and its third most successful worldwide. The director recently expressed his overwhelmed joy in public. Rajamouli is thrilled that foreign audiences, as well as Indians at home, have loved his film.

The movie RRR was made on a budget of $72m and was released on March 25 across the world. A three-hour-and-seven-minute long action adventure about India’s struggle against British colonialism set in the 1920s, it debuted at number three at the US Box Office, and number two at the UK and Australian box offices as per recent reports.

Rajamouli made 12 films in the Telugu language and all box office hits. They are all dubbed in other Indian languages mainly in Hindi. His reach and ambitious projects with big-budget films increased his audience beyond the Telugu language and it has been loved pan India. Rajamouli thought beyond the trend in Telugu and Indian cinema itself, in 2012 he made the movie Eega (The Fly), a fantasy film in which the hero is killed, reincarnated as a fly, and sets off on a mission to avenge his murder, and then even more successfully Bahubali, a two-part action-fantasy released all over in 2015 and second part in 2017.

The second part of the Baahubali franchise, Bahubali: The Conclusion, released in 2017, remains India’s second most successful film at the worldwide box office. It is also India’s highest-grossing, most-watched film ever. RRR features several elaborate battle scenes and a 4.5-minute-long peppy song and dance sequence shot in front of Mariinskyi Palace, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s official residence, with about three-quarters of the film comprised of visual effects.

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