IPL 2022 creates Nostalgia almost Indian Diaspora, with stadium allowing 50% in India.

In India, the biggest game-changer or the most celebrated game is obviously cricket. The game has caused many bilateral issues to resolve. The largest diaspora population with 18 million Non-resident Indians (NRIs) as per the UN report recently. This population is scattered around the world UAE, Saudi Arab and US together account for almost 50 percent of this population.

Much Indian youth play cricket living abroad play cricket despite in a non-cricket-friendly environment. An Indian blue-collared employee who used to work in Kuwait for many years said “There are close to one million Indians in Kuwait and they would love to see international cricketers come to their city, so that they can enjoy world-class action, see their favorite players in real and take their autographs.

There are currently only 12 full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC), and all the cricketing action revolves around almost 100 countries are still Associate Members where there is good interest in cricket but still is bereft of competitive cricketing competitions as enjoyed by the full members. ICC strongly pushing cricket at the Olympics, it may be the near future they have IPL kind of cricket may come up in other countries as well. The Indian diaspora is planning to host an international-quality cricket in various places where they live, the launch date and other things are being finalized, said a source.

Vinod Nair

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