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Singapore President inaugurates FSIO to project the collective voice of the Indian Diaspora

Singapore President Halimah Yacob formally inaugurated the Federation of Singapore Indian Organisation (FSIO) under the auspices of the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) last week. The inaugural ceremony was followed by a gala dinner in the presence of President Yacob. The FSIO is an amalgamation it 26 bodies to bind the Indian diaspora in Singapore. First announced in October 2021, the initiative was to project the collective voice of the Indians on the island on issues of common interest, Apart from this, the FSIO is also aimed at organising both social and educational activities beneficial for the Indians in Singapore. The target demographic is however the youth in the country. The organisation came together to encourage youth from different backgrounds to share new ideas and expertise in social and educational fields.

The organisation will also help those in need to return to India or elsewhere due to job loss in Singapore. Further, it will help fly out those stranded in India who need to reach Singapore and vice versa. The organisation will work as a feedback channel to draw the attention of the High Commission of India in Singapore to ensure necessary measures and follow-up issues pointed out by the Indian community in the country.

President Yacob, speaking on the occasion encouraged more collaborative efforts between Singapore and Indian toward Green Economy. She also noted both countries have concerted individual efforts towards pledges of reducing carbon emissions. Singapore launched Green Plan 2030 in February 2021. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced Net-Zero Plan by 2070 at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow last October.

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