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Staggering Indians To Take More Interest In Foreign Policy

While applauding India’s foreign policy, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar emphasised how important it is for people to be knowledgeable about world affairs.
He underlined that the general public must take an active interest in foreign policy issues.
“There’s no doubt that more Indians should be interested in global affairs. At a gathering in Delhi on Saturday, Jaishankar stated, “It is a widely held belief that foreign policy is something complex and esoteric that should be left to certain people to deal with. 

Several events happened that showed why it’s important for the average person to get involved, pay more attention to foreign policy. According to the EAM, Covid demonstrated that the universe has chosen to “leave you alone” even in cases where a person has no interest in it.

“Covid demonstrated what would happen if you were a person living in a remote area of India and had no curiosity about the outside world. The notion that there is a world and a house must be abandoned since the outside world has chosen to intervene and has actually arrived at your door, according to the EAM.

All the Indians who go out should be aware that something can happen in the world. Even to those people who do not think they are professionally connected to foreign policy or should take an interest in foreign policy.
External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar came out with a wholesome praise of Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and his outreach to India’s global partners in times of distress, saying New Delhi showed the world that it could not only take care of itself but also’save the world’ in times of need.

Speaking on Wednesday at an event in Hubli, Karnataka, which is run by the Congress party, Jaishankar said that during a time when everyone was concerned about India’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic, the nation stepped up as a global supplier and sent vaccines and other life-saving medications to 100 countries.
At the event, the EAM stated, “India, about which the world was concerned, gave vaccines to 100 other countries.”
The EAM began his speech by emphasising how, despite widespread fears, India did not suffer the worst effects of the pandemic.

When the COVID epidemic struck, everyone expected that India would be the nation most affected. Our enormous population is the cause of this. Many believed that we lacked sufficient capability. The number of doctors was lower. Vaccines apart, not even the masks were made in this country. A scarcity of ventilators existed.

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