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Strawberry Vendor

“Strawberry strawberry..” 

She calls out in rhe valley

Making it as much lively as lovely

Dextrous fingers nimbly picking

Berries and arraying in bowls with lining

Making them look like bouquets of flowers 

Inviting ardent berry lovers 

Glowing sun growing to scorching height

Brewing her sweat drops under her hat

Revellers pass by without a glance

Still a few do give her a chance

Picking twice at vehement bargain

Saving a few bucks barring her gain

Baskets of untouched berries remain

Dusk is left with some dîmes for  grains

Drops of sweats are washed by tears

As she’s back to the terrain of dears

A grand kid sulks seeing no candies

Daughter in law’s stony face turns demanding

Cojoling son  patting her hand tiny

Sets her day along similar such many

Dawn  comes again calling her dearly

And she starts again “berry berry” loudly…

Sudha K K

Dr. Sudha K K is an academician with over 20 years of experience. Sudha is a poet, a writer, and a composer. She has a Ph.D. in Sanskrit. She has more than 50 publications and conference presentations to her credit.

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