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Surprising : irresistible ayurvedic café in Delhi for the first time now.

The restaurant offers free health checks as part of its specific emphasis on vegetarian food and unprocessed products.

Based on the results of these tests, meals are offered based on the identified doshas.

There is a wide selection of Indian and international meals for guests to pick from.

The Maharishi Ayurvedic Hospital in Delhi opened its first restaurant with a menu based on medical principles, marking an intriguing fusion of traditional Indian medicine and cuisine. The recently opened restaurant, called Soma—The Ayurvedic Kitchen—is situated in the Shalimar Bagh neighborhood and serves delectable food devoid of onions or garlic.

The cuisine, which emphasizes the use of organic, fresh products, includes Indian dishes like idlis and sprouts, from regional specials like ragi vada pao and pav bhaji to international dishes like beetroot dumplings, cheese and spinach ravioli, and falafel platters.

The restaurant conducts health examinations at the hospitals, based on which patrons can have a meal to alleviate their doshas. Its menu features healthy takes on the most popular dishes.

Packed with nutrients, the dishes are made with special attention to using locally obtained products to counteract the vata, pitta, and kapha dosha issues.

The menu additionally emphasizes the intake of natural foods and promotes thoughtful eating in a relaxing setting.

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