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The Amazing Indian Designers at London Fashion Week 2024

This was MEDUSA’s second appearance at this prestigious event, with Sonal, the CEO, leading a delegation of nine renowned Indian designers for both the runway show and the exhibition.

The lineup of designers ready to show their creations at LFW included:

1.Gopi Vaid

2. Harvinder Kaur (Khadi, India)

3. Jigya M

4, Karn Malhotra

5. Manzar Hazarika.

6. Mouktika (Padma Swarupa Bhagavatula)

7. Mokaa, by Gujjarpuli Tejaswini.

8. Nitin Bal Chauhan.

9. Tanyeya Khanuja

The event featured 50 garments for a multi-designer show that ran from February 15-20, with the Indian contingent presenting their designs on February 19th at 3 p.m. GMT in London as part of the British Fashion Council Official Calendar show.

Sonal Vig, based in Delhi, has curated more than 25 million lifestyle exhibitions under the MEDUSA brand.

In addition, she has entered the global market through MEDUSA EXIM, which facilitates ethical trading and connects international buyers with local sellers. Sonal explained her motivation for attending the 2024 edition of the prestigious LFW: “The London Fashion Week is a platform that attracts fashion designers, stylists, influencers, marketers, and many more from all over the world. It honours creativity, originality, and panache!

I can’t think of a better platform to showcase Indian fashion in its finest form, and I can only hope that it generates as much publicity for Indian designers as is deserved.”

Fashion Week and The City Runway, which partnered with MEDUSA on this day, were also notable brands. Their representative, Priyanka Bajaj, was also delighted that LFW 2024 had provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talented Indian designers. She went on to say, “We are grateful for this chance to showcase the best of Indian clothes and culture on an international platform.”

MEDUSA’s participation in LFW 2024, alongside these nine exceptional designers, was dedicated to the single goal of bringing global recognition to Indian craftsmanship.

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