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The Heritage Walk That Will Showcase Delhi Begins Now:

According to an official statement, approximately 50 historical sites will offer guided tours to the general public, providing insights into the city’s cultural heritage.

Tourists and culture enthusiasts are welcome to join these guided tours of Delhi’s historic marvels, culinary delights, and architectural splendours throughout the month. The festival began with a guided walk through the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, which provides an immersive experience for participants. These guided walks, led by licenced historians, scholars, storytellers, and Ministry of Tourism-approved guides, aim to provide a comprehensive exploration of Delhi’s diverse heritage and cultural significance.

Guided tours allow you to step back in time.

With its rich tapestry of civilizations and cultures, Delhi’s Tourism Walk Festival provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about its history. With over 50 historical sites included, participants can visit places like Malcha Mahal, Ferozeshah Kotla, and many more, each of which provides a unique perspective on Delhi’s history.

The festival goes beyond just historical exploration, with themed walks such as ‘Dekho Apna CP’, ‘Roshan-E-DILLI’, and ‘Jewels of Delhi’ that highlight the city’s vibrant traditions and cultural diversity. From architecture to Sufi music, local markets to cuisine, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

A festival for people of any age.

The Delhi Tourism Walk Festival, priced at ₹500 per person, welcomes families, friends, tourists, and food enthusiasts to celebrate the city’s heritage. It’s an inclusive event that connects the past and present, making history more engaging and accessible to everyone.

As the inaugural walk concludes at Mehrauli Archaeological Park, the festival prepares for a month-long celebration with government support and enthusiastic participation. It’s not just about visiting historical sites; it’s about discovering the stories that define Delhi’s character. As the festival progresses, attendees can expect to develop a deeper appreciation for the city’s heritage and make lasting memories.

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