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When Chai Met Toast: Now See The Multilingual Musical Magic Comes To Australia

In a world where music has no boundaries, the band When Chai Met Toast (WCMT) is breaking new ground with their multilingual melodies. With their upcoming tour of Australia, the band is ready to enchant audiences with their unique blend of English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi music.

As they prepare for their tour of Australia, the band is looking forward to exploring the country’s diverse landscapes and vibrant music scene.

While their primary focus will be on performances in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, the band intends to make the most of their time in Australia by immersing themselves in local culture and hearing the sounds of the land down under.

The band’s members, Ashwin Gopakumar (vocalist), Achyuth Jaigopal (guitarist), Palee Francis (keyboard), and Pai Sailesh (drummer), spoke with Indian Link prior to their tour.
“We are stoked to be performing in Australia, and we are looking forward to meeting our listeners who have liked and supported our music,” said Achyuth Jaigopal, who plays guitar.

Chai Met Toast, founded in 2016, is a band known for its diverse music and soulful lyrics. With over 25 songs in their repertoire, including two EPs and an album, the band has carved out a place for itself in the Indian music industry.

Their unique approach to songwriting, as well as their ability to connect with listeners on a personal level, have helped them become one of India’s most popular English bands. Despite the pressure to consistently deliver high-quality music, the band remains true to their roots and writes songs that are honest reflections of their experiences.

The process is not without difficulties; there is often intense pressure as the band decides what direction to take and what their listeners want to hear.

As a result, WCMT is constantly refining and iterating, sometimes creating three different versions of a song before deciding which one best captures their vision.

“There’s nothing quite like the pressure we feel when striving to deliver our best to our listeners, whether it’s just one song or a collection of ten,” Palee Francis says with a laugh.
“Ultimately, we want to remain authentic and true to ourselves and the music we create. We strive to release songs that speak to us deeply, reflecting our true emotions and experiences. Each song is an honest expression of our current circumstances, capturing the essence of our journey. In the end, it all comes down to staying true to ourselves. Achyut adds.

One of the most appealing aspects of When Chai Met Toast’s music is its multilingualism. The band draws inspiration from their diverse linguistic backgrounds, seamlessly incorporating English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi into their songs. This unique fusion has struck a chord with audiences and distinguished them from other artists in the industry.

Lead vocalist Ashwin Gopakumar explains, “Any Indian who has grown up in the last few decades speaks multiple languages. Among them, English is widely spoken, possibly the most common language of communication among Indians today. Our music strives to reflect this linguistic diversity. Our goal is to create art that transcends language barriers, making each listener feel included and understood.

Languages lead to exploration for WCMT, and travel is an important part of their creative process, with new experiences and sounds from various locations inspiring their music. Whether they’re recording sounds from a soundcheck in Gangtok or creating acoustic versions of their songs in the wilderness, When Chai Met Toast’s music reflects their passion for nature and exploration.

“Perhaps Kerala is the key. We are from Kerala, and we grew up in a beautiful natural environment. Maybe that’s why we love natural settings; they bring out the best in us,” says Pai Sailesh, and others agree.

While the band primarily focuses on independent music, they have also dabbled in the Bollywood music scene, with songs appearing in a variety of projects.

Their upcoming Bollywood song, “Do Aur Do Pyaar,” will be released in March. “There are other projects, and we are open to Bollywood collaborations, provided they come for our sound,” he says.

Chai Met Toast is preparing to take the stage in Australia today, hoping to perform for a whole new audience.

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