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Airport Regulations Have Now Been Changed: You Need to Know About the Things That Aren’t Allowed.

Airport Rules Change: As of right now, you are not allowed to bring these items on the aircraft while you are traveling; you will be fined.

A few restrictions have changed at the airport in order to ensure a safe flight. These particular adjustments are for travelers flying to Dubai. Generally speaking, travelers can fit necessities in their cabin luggage, such as prescription drugs.

However, this will no longer be feasible on the aircraft to Dubai. You are unable to carry every kind of medication. The new regulations require you to carry only authorized products.

Modifications to Dubai Airlines’ baggage policies such items are frequently carried inadvertently by passengers, and it is illegal to bring them aboard an aircraft.

What you are allowed to bring on your Dubai aircraft as cabin baggage and what you cannot is specified.

This is helpful news if you’re considering a trip to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. When visiting Dubai, there are a lot of restrictions that you must abide by.

You need to exercise caution over the items they are packing in their bags.It Is not possible to carry these items in the bag.Heroin, cocaine, poppy seeds, and vertigo-inducing substances.Certain herbs, like betel leaves, should also not be consumed.

It will also be illegal to carry rhinoceros horn and ivory, gambling implements, three-layer fishing nets, and anything imported from nations that are boycotted.It Is also forbidden to take printed materials, pictures, stone sculptures, oil paintings, and books.

These goods are yours to keep after payment. A lot of the things you will be purchasing in Dubai require payment in advance.

Plants, fertilizers, medications, health care supplies, books, cosmetics, transmission and wireless devices, alcoholic beverages, personal hygiene items, e-cigarettes, and electronic hookahs are all included in this list.

Unable to take some medications.




Codoxime Concentrate of Poppies Straw



Oxycodone and opium Trimeperidine Phenoperidine Amphetamine, codeine, and cathinone

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