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Art And Culture: Save Me

His birth was not decided,but life,

He never chose the womb,but destiny

He was not aware of the calss he born into and,

He was too innocent to choose a skin colour.!

He was misled by the saga of “children of one mother “,our land,

All but was a sand castle of brutal lie.!.

He was one among you,but you are partly blind,

His shrieks were loud,but you are partly deaf,

He sneaks into the main stream,but you stamp him with a seal.,

A seal in disguise stamps his future.!

The society is divided and

The division is deliberate.

The classes of cast and creed

Plays with the trump card in the centre stage.

Deliverance from slavery was promised,

But political slavery was fed.!

The overfed was served the feast again,

When the long line of que went hungry.

The privileged class looked down,

And reviled his colour and status ,

The law makers wondered

Why to make a hole in the exchequer?


Briji KT

BRIJI. KT. is an Author and Artist. She was born in Kerala ,educated in Chandigarh and Jamnagar and now settled in Bangalore. She has authored books in Malayalam and English by reputed publishers ,Kerala gov. institute for childrens literature and Amazone. She has won awards for writing, including women achievers award for the year 2020. Conducted several painting exhibitions .

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