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An Invitation to Rain

Distance is a fear

Emptiness is the nightmare in the heart

Though my heart stands amongst the crowded

This is how the days and nights ends every day

Stopped in the pages of memory

A thousand debts of love.

Days and nights that have passed by are not worth to be counted.

My hands still waits for my friend to hold  me and drag me down to the playground

Gone are the sweet afternoons playing with toys , giving marriages to dolls

Gone are the wet  dream filled nights 

Come down rain

drop down

Let’s erase the distance -drought.

Let it come to the heart again and bring colorful days.

In between some lovely laughs

Forget the pain with satisfaction

May the remaining days be filled with love

–By Sarmistha Dey

Sarmistha Dey

Sarmistha Dey is an Indian Diaspora staff reporter at WFY, Bahrain bureau. She is an experienced HR and media professional. She is a poet as well as a singer.

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