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Astonishing India Will Be The Front Of The World’s Transformation

French President Emmanuel Macron posted a video of his recent trip to India to celebrate Republic Day. He highlighted India’s role in global transformation, stating, “India will be at the forefront.” Macron also expressed France’s desire to increase investments in India.

Macron shared a video with the caption “A look back at an exceptional trip in India,” which is a compilation of his visit to this year’s 75th Republic Day celebrations, where he served as the chief guest. The video highlights his visit to Jaipur, where he enjoyed local cuisine and art while hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The video also includes discussions about bilateral relations between India and France.

“We have got everything to say to a country like India, a democratic power, a demographic, economic, and technological as well, which is going to be front row at the world’s transformation,” the president said in the video.

Macron’s visit to India

The French President was invited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit India and serve as the chief guest at the 75th Republic Day celebrations on January 26.

“We felt extremely honoured to be a part of such a historic and one-of-a-kind day. Macron said, “This will live in our memories forever.”

The French President emphasised the strong bilateral ties, stating that, despite the existing positive relationship between the two countries, there is still significant potential for future collaboration and progress.

“Over the last few years, we have established a number of collaborations and partnerships in various sectors with your country.” Clearly, we want to make more investments. Even if the relationship is excellent, we can achieve much more. “Everything is going well so far,” the video stated. Macron described his trip to Jaipur, emphasising the symbolic moments of historical significance he shared with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In Jaipur, the leaders discussed bilateral relations and global concerns. They expressed “serious concerns” about potential escalation in the Middle East conflict, including the Red Sea region.

In a joint statement issued on the night of January 26, both leaders emphasised the importance of preserving freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and the importance of following international maritime laws.

PM Modi and President Emmanuel Macron also reiterated their shared vision for the India-France Strategic Partnership, seeing it as critical to fostering economic prosperity and resilience, strengthening national security, and contributing to a more sustainable and healthier future for the planet.

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