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Black Justice Trailer Launched At The Press Club Of India. Know It All Here Now

WFY Bureau, New Delhi, June 27, 2023: The Press Club of India in New Delhi played host to the highly anticipated trailer launch of the revolutionary art web series, “Black Justice.” Esteemed guests, including renowned Folklore Bhojpuri Singer Ms. Neha Singh Rathore and visionary producer Dr. Kapil Kakar, gathered for the event. Notably, accomplished actor Mr. Mukesh Khanna, who provided Dialogue Narration for the series, sent a heartfelt Video message, unable to attend in person.

Even before its release, “Black Justice” had garnered 11 award nominations, triumphing at the Blackboard International Film Festival and Moonlight Films International Film Festival (MWIFF) in 2022.

Addressing critical facets of our society, “Black Justice” promises a fresh perspective on pressing issues that resonate deeply within our country. Under the expert guidance of writer and producer Dr. Kapil Kakar, the series seeks to shed light on these crucial matters, provoking thought and encouraging meaningful discussions.

In his video statement, Mr. Mukesh Khanna extended his heartfelt wishes to the entire team behind “Black Justice,” recognising the series’ potential to drive positive change. Dr. Kapil Kakar emphasised the groundbreaking reforms proposed in the web series, offering pragmatic solutions for implementation. With Mr. Khanna’s support, “Black Justice” solidifies its role as a significant catalyst for social awareness and transformation.

Renowned director Bhavin Wadia, known for delivering exceptional cinematic experiences, leads the creative direction of “Black Justice.” Vedish Zaveri portrays the lead character JP, exhibiting his talent and setting the stage for his upcoming role as the iconic Sardar Patel in the highly anticipated movie “SARDAR.”

The trailer launch of “Black Justice” sets the stage for a captivating journey, engaging viewers with its poignant storytelling and powerful performances. As the series unfolds, audiences can expect an exploration of complex societal issues, prompting deep reflection and stimulating conversations that can ignite positive change.

Prominent figures such as Mr. Ashwani Upadhya, a Supreme Court Lawyer, and award-winning Documentary Filmmaker Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj voiced their support for the web series, addressing the media. Mr. Dhruv Kumar, a Supreme Court Lawyer and International Activist, provided profound insights on judicial reforms.

“Black Justice” aspires to be a thought-provoking and socially impactful web series, shining a light on urgent matters that demand our attention and dialogue. The dedicated team behind the series is committed to delivering an immersive and transformative viewing experience. Stay tuned for the release of “Black Justice” and join the conversation on critical societal and judicial issues.

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