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“All must cross the border to safety” heard an order,

After all, I fail to understand what a border is

I intent not to widen any border…nor

I intent to fence it with spikes of enemity.

I have not seen any border drawn…

I see the same sky and earth everywhere!

Don’t separate me from my father

As I am afraid of the deafening siren,

A siren which dropped fire winged angel of death…

As the fire winged angel vanished my mom

My father was the one took us under his wings.

Don’t pull my infant brother from my father

As he is secured in the warmth of his chest.

Don’t destroy my home we built in the garden of love

As we use to cuddle and sleep together.

Don’t give weapons in my father’s hand

As he intent not to hurt, but to hug.

Don’t send him to the war front

As we are unaware…who is warring against whom?

Don’t order him to kill

As he taught us not to kill but love…

“Do not kill but love one another” is His teaching…

A universal teaching though languages vary!

Drop your weapon lest you will be killed with it.

I am abandoned and scared with my sibling on my back…

Who is silently pleading for a better place to live?

Let the earth be without borders and boundaries…

Let all the lethal weapons perish in the

ardent fire of LOVE.


Dedicated to Ukraine war victims

Briji KT

BRIJI. KT. is an Author and Artist. She was born in Kerala ,educated in Chandigarh and Jamnagar and now settled in Bangalore. She has authored books in Malayalam and English by reputed publishers ,Kerala gov. institute for childrens literature and Amazone. She has won awards for writing, including women achievers award for the year 2020. Conducted several painting exhibitions .

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