Mantra-The Sacred Sound; Significance and Scientific Aspects

In our day-to-day life, we generally come across with two types of sounds – Audible (sonic) and Non-audible (those expressed silently e.g. while thinking) …Ultrasonic and infrasonic sounds are non audible to human ears.

Our cosmos consists of the sound waves in all frequency ranges – beyond the grasp of our audio sensors and even beyond the limits of our imaginations. It’s the energy of the sound that bonds us, with the universal energy around us. We all can easily experience the powers of hydro, thermal, electrical and wind energies in different forms. Any form of sound also has similar or greater impact.

…. It is natural to ask how we can consciously use the sound phenomenon to our benefit…..? Here comes the role of ‘The ancient science of Mantras’

Ancient science of mantras, is the science of the subliminal (subconscious) as well as the cosmic powers of sound.

The science of mantra believes that if we can use the right words to train our mind, to sharpen its focus and to channelize the divinity in the universe, we can rise above every negative tendency that is restraining us.

The energy of the mantras is aimed at calling upon the universal energy, a way of drawing its attention towards us.

Science of Mantra is based on making perfect use of the audible sound (ie. voice of the practioner) as well as the inaudible sound (subconscious /the voice of the inner self, expressed in thoughts) and intrinsic strength of the practioner’s power of the words.

From a language-wise perspective, the word mantra in Sanskrit implies a specific structure of sonic patterns – coded in syllables and vowels, that works as a spiritual tool to liberate the mind from ignorance, illusion and evil instincts…. The specific configurations of syllables and the corresponding combinations of phonemes in the mantras make the latter powerful ‘carriers’ of the cosmic energy of sound.

In other words, a mantra is a combination of sacred syllables that forms a nucleus of spiritual energy. This serves as a magnet to attract, or a lens to focus spiritual vibrations.

The pronunciation of a Vedic mantra in a specific composition of accent, pitch, intensity, amplitude and rhythm results in its expansion (at a pace faster than the laser beams) in the infinite areas of physical energy waves and consciousness.

According to Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya, if a stone is thrown in a silent water pond then circular waves, moving in the transverse directions, are generated on its surface. Similarly, any vibration in the sky generates sound waves in the cosmos. These waves move longitudinally in all directions forming a virtual ‘sphere’ of vibrations in the space….As the region of expansion and the strength of the waves in the water pond will be more for the heavier stone…, similarly, the impact of louder sound (at a common frequency) generates the sound waves of higher intensity and vice-versa. The methods of collective japa or chanting of mantras seem to have been designed according to this principle of synergistic amplification of sound.

The mechanical devices of RADAR send sound signals – via radio waves – far away in the space and receive the echoed sound back in few micro seconds.

Similarly human body, can also be regarded as a biological radar, because when a person chants a Mantra in a specific rhythmic pattern…then through extra sensory perception this biological radar sends supernormal radio signals via the vibrations of mantra  into the space, then just like radar the human body receives back the perfect signals of words as an eco from the cosmic nucleus of the mantra and thus empowers the practioner with the supernatural potentials and divine inspiration upon successful completion of a mantra-meditation .

*What are the benefits of chanting these sacred mantras?

Several research studies revealed that, mantras offer a myriad of benefits for mind, body, and spirit.

1. First and foremost, the rare and precious gift of peace of mind; calmness and tranquility; freedom from needless tension and anxiety.  When our mind is quieter, we will be able to reach a state of self-awareness with the ability to make necessary changes in ourselves.

2. It purifies the mind, body and soul ……They discipline and free the mind from impulsive, illogical and impure thoughts;

3. Mantras are linked to the highest levels of our consciousness. They elevate our thinking and awareness, they give the mind the power to focus as well as concentrate, so that we can pursue our dreams, goals and desires.

4. The power to conquer negative thinking... repeat a mantra whenever there is a negative thought crossing your mind. This isn’t an attempt to repress or push away the negative thought; instead, it’s simply a way to shift your focus elsewhere.

5. The generation of new spiritual energy… the chanting or recitation of mantras activates and accelerates the creative spiritual force, promoting harmony in all parts of the human being.

6. It is proved that they have great potential for a preventive approach to many mental illnesses, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Increased Resilience…..Resilience is our ability to get up when we fall, dust ourselves off, and start over again with full spirit.

8. Mantras can be a powerful antidote to distressing emotional states, like anxiety, fear, or loneliness. If you find yourself struggling in this way, try internally repeating a mantra for a few minutes. They will enable us to silence the buzz in our brains that occupy so much of our energy.

9. According to some researchers when we keep on chanting mantras while cooking food, this infuses food with positive energy generated by the mantras. Mantra-infused food is thought to be highly beneficial for the person who consumes it, and can be a wonderful healing agent for anyone who is unwell…….

10. Research projects in some advanced laboratories have shown that specific sonic vibrations (and hence the mantras in particular), have intensive effect on the endocrine glands (glands which secrets hormones)

11. The feeling of security in connecting with a power that is higher than us. In religious books it is mentioned that constant chanting and remembrance of a mantra takes us closer to God –also, they can neutralize past samskaras/karmas and clear the mind of accumulated vaasanas (desires) and is a vehicle for spiritual transcendence of soul.

 Here I am giving you examples;

**OM (Pronounced as AUM) is believed to be the most important and powerful sound in the universe. It has been scientifically proven that OM has invaluable effects in our body and mind.

** According to Institute for research on scientific spirituality Shantikunj, Haridwar; GayatriMantra  creates rhythmic pressure on the nerves and also titillates the extrasensory energy center (the six chakras) and subtle nerve-bundles that generate soothing effects in the sadhaka’s (practitioner ‘s) body and mind and also affect his deep inner self.

For thousands of years, the sacred sounds of mantras have been used to unlock the vast potential of the human heart and mind. These powerful tools can be found in cultures around the globe, offering accessible methods for healing, discovery, and well-being. Like any other stream of science, like any other art, the sonic science of mantras, too, can be examined, explored, practiced and mastered. Surely it is with good reason that so many faiths and so many scriptures profess the power of a mantra!

In this Modern era there is vast intellectual and scientific evolution and almost simultaneous deterioration of religion and culture, which had resulted in a near total neglect of spirituality in the human. Therefore integration of the modern and ancient sciences is a need in today’s stressful life.

Normally, the rays of the sun do not have the power to burn. But if a number of rays are brought to focus at one point, fire can be produced. Likewise if the mind can be concentrated on one word, one idea or one set of powerful words, extreme power is released…… If the mind is calm or focused, we grow in peace of mind, which is the secret to real happiness.

In conclusion; mantras are sacred utterance in Sanskrit, they purify the mind, body and soul allowing the mind to experience peace in order to reach a higher self…….they have religious, spiritual and healing powers.

There is growing scientific support for the benefits of sacred sounds. We must have to find out on our own, whether mantras really have such power that they can transform our lives…? Let our life become a laboratory to discover new ways of being through the power of sacred sounds…. I hope they will uplift your mind, outlook, and generate a sense of well-being.  

Shilpi Pandey

Dr Shilpi Pandey completed MBBS(1999) & MD(2004) Pathology from King George Medical University, Lucknow. Presently she is working in a private pathology clinic as a consultant. You can also reach her on social media https://www.facebook.com/dr.shilpi.pandey26

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