Change mindset to achieve happiness 

If we make up our mind to be happy, no one and nothing on earth can take that happiness from us. 
Happiness is not a thing, it is a state of mind. It must be lived.
The real challenge to being happy comes when we ’re stuck in a situation that is making us unhappy and we can see no way out….The only thing that we can do that time is to…’ Think Positive ‘.

When life feels like it’s weighing us down more than normal, it can feel like everything is wrong, bad, or hopeless; there’s nothing positive….But there are positives – we have to look for them. We should start thinking about things we do have some control over rather than dwell on what we can’t control. 

We have to take small steps to build our hope up every day.
Even during the worst of times, there is something to be thankful for … So we should thank to god for those good things.
It’s too easy to remain unhappy if we’re still attached to how things ‘should’ have been or ‘should’ be. These expectations are disempowering because, as long as we’re trapped in them, we can’t move on.

  Pure love, sacred joy, poetic imagination, kindness, wisdom, peace, and happiness are felt inside first in the mind or the heart, and are then transmitted through the nervous system to the physical body. Here comes the role of mind power in achieving happiness. The spiritual scientist uses mind-power to enlighten the soul. Mind-power shows man the way to inner happiness, which gives him immunity to outer inconveniences.
In fact, our brains are malleable, ever changing, reconfiguring their wiring according to new thoughts and experiences. And as a result of learning, the function of individual neurons themselves change, allowing electrical signals to travel along them more readily.

 The subconscious self-image we have of ourselves determines our reality. So if we’re not happy with our reality today, we need to change our subconscious self-image

William James, the father of American psychology said, “The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of the lives”. By mobilizing our thoughts and practicing new ways of thinking, we can reshape our nerve cells and change the way our brains work. Thus the idea of training the mind for happiness becomes a very real possibility. It is also a universal truth that whatever we impress on our subconscious mind is expressed on the screen of space as condition, experience, and event. All we have to do is unite mentally and emotionally with the good we wish to embody. The creative powers of our mind will respond accordingly.         

We should start believing in the eternal verities and truths of life that never change. At that point we will move onward, upward, and Godward. Once we begin to control our thought processes, we can apply the powers of our mind to any problem or difficulty.
One idea is to use positive’ auto-suggestion’. Several times a day—morning, noon, and at night prior to sleep— repeat to self; From now on, I shall grow more good-humored, Joy, happiness, and cheerfulness are now becoming my normal states of mind. I am grateful to god for all what he has given,I shall never injure myself with mental poisons like anger, jealousy and revenge.

 As a person thinks, feels, and believes, so is the condition of his or her mind, body, and circumstances. Once we change our mindset to transform the deep-seeded negative subconscious beliefs into positive ones, our reality will change accordingly.
So, let’s change our mindset…. Be Positive and Be Happy. 

Shilpi Pandey

Dr Shilpi Pandey completed MBBS(1999) & MD(2004) Pathology from King George Medical University, Lucknow. Presently she is working in a private pathology clinic as a consultant. You can also reach her on social media

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