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Children Need Timely Help To Overcome Their Disabilities

Medicine and Diet: Do not be deceived; people with disabilities need support.

‘There is medicine for insanity. If given, the pillar will be clever. It will cost some money. If they agree, they can take care of it, no matter how much risk they take.’ It tells the story of a fraudster who lives up to the parents of children with disabilities, doing tens of thousands of rupees worth of tests in the name of a drug to boost intelligence and promising to change the baby’s disability through specialist treatment. Like a nut on a coon, along with mental distress, those poor parents also fall victim to massive financial fraud. The psychiatrist at the NIMHANS Hospital in Bangalore, Dr. S.K. Sojan Antony, is talking about this.

What is an Intellectual Development Delay? How do I identify?

Children with dementia have a lot of personality traits. Children with this condition were formerly referred to as mentally retarded children. But now the term intellectual developmental delay is used. The word is used to refer to children who are experiencing intellectual disabilities. Growth-retarded children can be identified at a very young age. This is because the physical, social, mental, and emotional development of those children may be delayed more than that of other children. Open your neck late to do things like sit, get up and walk, talk, and walk. If there is such a delay in the baby’s development, seek the help of a paediatrician who will show the baby regularly on a regular basis.  They can quickly identify if the child has a disability. If so, they will refer you to a team of expert doctors to find out what type it is.

Should a neurologist treat children with disabilities?

The neurologist plays a crucial role in making the diagnosis in the early stages of treatment. The first step is to identify the cause of the intellectual development delay. The neurologist will diagnose whether it is due to a problem with the structure of the brain or some other abnormality in the brain. Think about what treatment can be given for that condition. If it is concluded that the neurologist will not be able to provide any specific treatment at that stage, the patient will be referred to a psychiatric team as soon as possible.

Doctors put forward three main recommendations for training:

  1. Sensory motor stimulation: This is an exercise that stimulates the five senses of the baby. Children can sing songs, talk, joke with them, play with them, do body massages, do baby exercises, and introduce them to different tastes and smells. Thus, babies can improve their condition by doing things that stimulate all five senses. If the baby has difficulty moving freely, small exercises can encourage him to overcome it and encourage him to walk. Even if such children experience delays in doing things, do not reduce their training. Continuous training will only improve their condition.
  2. Can focus and teach children to learn things by the time they are three or four years old by showing them different objects and recognising them big and small. Introduce colours and smells. Introduce each new thing inside and outside the house. It can tell you exactly what to eat and what not to eat.
  3. Be self-sufficient and teach cleanliness and order.

These children need less time to learn about hygiene and toilet training than normal children. Special kids will only understand what a normal child is told ten or twenty times, or what he or she is told to do a hundred or two hundred times. You can teach them to eat by themselves, to be clean, and to use toilet etiquette. Although training in such matters can be a bit daunting, parents can certainly succeed if they follow the instructions of the medical team examining the child.

What should we say to those who fall into the trap of fraud in the name of training?

Doctors prescribe things like physiotherapy for some children. When it comes to identifying a baby’s problems, cheaters come up with a variety of treatments for their parents. They seek out victims to market their therapies. In this, it is argued that pure cheating can increase intelligence through medicine. No drug to boost intelligence has yet been discovered.

What can be done to stimulate the intellect of children with disabilities?

Intelligence can only be enhanced if the structure of the brain is used properly. Only by interacting with our surroundings, good parenting, and training can a child’s intellect be awakened. Only an expert team of doctors can provide the training. It is advisable to rely on them alone for such things. If anyone says that babies’ problems can be changed quickly, it is a scam. Let me remind you once more that following the expert doctor’s recommended exercises consistently is the only way to see a change in the baby’s condition.

What are some other things to look for in the early stages of a baby’s development?

  • A disability should be identified at a very young age.
  • Training and opportunities are required according to age.

Try to enter special schools, and special educators can rely on children for the training they need to provide as they get older. There will be trained trainers and teachers to train the children. Arrangements should be made to send children with disabilities to special schools at the age of three or four. Special care should be taken to ensure that the school follows the syllabus that suits them. If children who are behind in their studies are sent to a normal school, they will not be able to progress with normal children, and then they will have mental conflicts. IQ tests are performed to diagnose dementia. Intelligence can be assessed with the help of a psychologist at school age V. Accordingly, an accurate decision can be made as to which school to send them to. Skills can be identified and trained. No child is born on earth without intelligence and ability. Most severely deficient people have the ability to recognise and understand certain things. So it is important to recognise their limitations as well as their areas of ability. Priority should be given to training that can improve it. Recognising that a child has the ability to understand things and training them according to those abilities can help them become smarter. They can be given continuous training and study assistance for that. They can impart knowledge to them through games, stories, and songs rather than telling things directly.

Special kids give the family a chance to become better human beings.

Parents, other children in the home, and the community must show a willingness to interact with such children on a regular basis. Treat them very kindly. Because they did not choose the lives of the less intelligent themselves. It is a natural thing that happens in nature. Parents who are financially backward are also more likely to have children with disabilities. If such children are born at home, it should be considered an opportunity given by God to become better human beings. It should be seen as an opportunity to take care of them, to treat them well, and to thereby change their outlook on life. As Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, puts it, Listen to the words of geniuses like these. Carefully hold those babies together.

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