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Deeba Salim’s ‘355 Days’ bags Excellence In Writing, Award.

Deeba is a celebrated Dubai-based Indian origin writer.

Deeba Salem’s first book, ‘Urma’, was published in 2012 and her second, a collection of poems titled ‘Charcoal Blush’, came in 2016. It was one of the books on the Book Excellence Awards, Canada short list.

Deeba, who had to leave her parents, who were in Iran and live with her grandparents back in India, says she often found solace and an outlet to her emotions in poetry and prose.

Her latest novel, ‘355 Days’, won the excellence award at The Significant League’s awards ceremony at the Press Club, New Delhi.

The novel is a crime thriller exposing the dark underbelly of the Indian judicial system. It explores how an innocent person’s imprisonment affects both the jailed and their family. Extensive research about the life of the under trials and imprisoned in Delhi’ Tihar Jail lends the book an uncanny sense of reality.

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