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Divya’s Beautiful And Mesmerising Stories At The Spectacular Monki Tox

Since making her stage debut at the age of three, DIVYA has never stopped speaking. She went on to triumph in numerous speech and debate competitions, both domestically and abroad. Her business, Monki Tox, was inspired by her love of Indian culture and storytelling, as well as her deliberate focus on children’s moral growth. (Originally published on February 29, 2024, on the Ladderworks website.)

Through stories in English and several Indian languages, Monki Tox aims to introduce kids to Indian culture and moral principles, strengthening their moral compass and promoting their character and mental well-being.
Through a number of thoughtful features, it promotes equality, inclusivity, and solid character development while cutting down on screen time. Consequently, this fosters children’s brain development, enjoyment of art, creativity, physical activity, and connection to the natural world.
Divya, a mother of two children living outside of India, is determined that her children value their heritage and mother tongues. However, it was difficult to find excellent, kid-friendly content.

However, youngsters spending more time in front of screens is also becoming a problem. She began looking for choices without screens after reading a lot about how excessive screen time stunts kids’ development and causes issues like speech impediment and vision issues. The absence of an existing answer prompted her to create her own, giving rise to Monki Tox. She uses this to tell the stories she wants to tell her kids and other kids all around the world.
Monki Tox’s stories cover more ground than just equality. In order to encourage sleep, it also features a unique sleep music series of musical episodes based on Indian classical music. These episodes were produced for us by a group of remarkably gifted and virtually crippled musicians.

The majority of the storytellers at Monki Tox are mothers who stay at home and are seeking a platform to share their tales with a global audience.
Its freemium version was released at the close of 2023. While offering a specific selection of stories to its premium subscribers, it also makes sure that a large number of episodes related to language acquisition and general knowledge are available for free, ensuring that children from various socioeconomic situations can still access high-quality content.
Additionally, it offers free memberships to a number of government schools and orphanages, where Monki Tox is used for story time. Instructors working with kids from economically disadvantaged families say Monki Tox has enhanced their students’ communication abilities.

Divya is adamant that positive things will come back to us if we continue to send them out into the cosmos.
This is just a basic kind of karma. Random kids have come to her to tell her how much they adore Monki Tox and how they can’t sleep without listening to it.
The parents also tell her how their children’s morals and values have been marvellously impacted by the lessons they learn from our stories.
She finds it encouraging to witness the positive effects of the stories she has poured her heart and soul into on thousands of children’s lives.
In 2023, Monki Tox emerged victorious in the MIT innovative startup contest, defeating over forty competitors from both MIT and Harvard.

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