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Know All About The Amazing ‘India by the Creek’ Festival

The inaugural ‘India by the Creek’ festival is set to happen at Al Seef Park in Dubai from March 8–10, with free entry for everybody.
This event, which is being hosted by Dubai Duty Free in association with the Consulate General of India in Dubai and Teamwork Arts and is being supported by Khaleej Times, Dubai Economy and Tourism, and others, represents a major cultural turning point for both nations.

Satish Kumar Sivan, the Indian consul general in Dubai  was informed of the plan to host a brilliantly planned cultural event. Knowing Teamwork Arts and the kind of work they do—such as the wildly successful “India by the Nile” event in Egypt or the Jaipur Literature Festival—would be beneficial. Additionally, I discovered there is no shortage of Indian food in Dubai.
He underlined that there is more to the UAE and India’s relationship than just trade and business interests.

There is a very special relationship between the UAE and India that goes beyond trade and mercantile interests. This link is anchored by culture, diversity, and tolerance. That spirit is honoured throughout this festival. I am lucky to be seeing the staging of the inaugural edition. There will be many more interactions like this in the future; this is only the beginning.

What is anticipated?
For three days, artists from the UAE and India will be showcasing their creative works in Dubai Creek, creating a vibrant atmosphere.
Prominent individuals and performers from India are scheduled to participate in the event, including writer and scholar Purushottam Agarwal. 

Activities from midday to late at night
For the ‘India by the Creek’ event, Teamwork Arts makes use of its wealth of experience.
With a thirty-year history, Teamwork Arts has organised more than thirty festivals in twenty-two cities and sixteen countries, presenting the best in literature, knowledge, performing and visual arts, and social activity. JLF currently operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the Maldives, the Middle East, and Europe.
“The festival aims to forge deeper connections between India and Dubai, becoming an annual highlight on the cultural calendar,” stated Sanjoy K. Roy, Managing Director of Teamwork Arts. All ages are welcome to attend for free, and the event promises an engaging mix of workshops, performances, and activities from afternoon until night.

 India makes up a sizeable 10% of Dubai Duty Free’s revenue; therefore, participating in this inaugural event is crucial for this major clientele.

Representing the festival’s local partner, Ravi Menon gave a reflection on the path that led to the realisation of ‘India by the Creek,’ which enabled this cultural spectacle.

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