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Enola Holmes, “Our Future Is Up To Us.”

“There are two paths you can choose: one that you choose for yourself and one that others choose for you.”

The Enola Holmes Mysteries’ is a series of detective novels written by the American author Nancy Springer. The story revolves around Enola Holmes, the younger sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes. In 2020, this series was adapted into a film, followed by a sequel released in 2022. The titular role was played by Millie Bobby Brown.

Both films leave a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers with plenty of highly inspirational dialogues and motivating life lessons. Enola Holmes has been taught by her mother to be an independent young girl. Accordingly, Enola doesn’t let anybody, including her brothers, Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes, tell her what to do. She says that no one can stop her from pursuing her passion. No one can underestimate her, and no one can decide her future.

“Every little thing we do in our lives will have some significance in the future.”

It is important to discover one’s passion, purpose, and path in life. One can achieve anything in life with motivation and confidence.

“Paint your own picture. Don’t be thrown off by others.”

It is necessary to remain focused on the attainment of one’s desired goals rather than getting distracted by others.

“Sometimes you must dangle your feet in the water in order to attract the sharks.”

At times, one needs to take risks in order to derive solutions to problems.

“You have to make some noise if you want to be heard.”

Enola Holmes is an intelligent, brave, courageous, wise, and independent young girl in a male-dominated world. Over the years, it has been projected that a Prince Charming will come to save and rescue the damsel in distress, but it was Enola Homes who saved the life of the young Tewkesbury when his life was in danger. She uses her logic and follows the path of truth.

During the 19th century, when young girls were expected to be naive, Enola emerges as a young girl with a mind of her own. She has the ability to solve problems independently and contribute to society in a meaningful manner. The younger generation will surely be inspired to be brave and confident; as Enola says, “Our future is up to us.”

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