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Surviving a storm is easy,

Storms forge not a filler of conceits

It is natural, it’s roar artless,

Yet like a child….  

From the woods wild

Predominately, the take-off lifts

a tempest from its heart,

From the mountain’s top

As quiet as it can be the surrender

Somewhere deep, a final salute

To close the eyes in meditation,

A peace pact is born.

Surviving a storm of a fake heart

Vehemently not easy at all

It is an endless charade,

To encapsulate the innocent ones

To trap to entrap a feeling

To smudge, to smear

And at the end step on a pillar

Of fate and stumble.

Surviving a storm like the one

Of its kind on a mountain top.

Survivors adorn a nature,

A treasure hive

Garlanded by seasons

Heralded by horizons.

Rema Pisharody

Rema Pisharody is a writer from Bangalore. She is an environmentalist and a nature lover. She holds a Masters in Sociology and is a former employee of BPL Corporate Office, Bangalore. Poetry for her is soul search, to find the innermost being. She is one of the prize recipients of the Prestegious Prime India Poetry Contest and Haven International Poetry Contest. She writes on global platforms and now resides in Bangalore. She is on the editorial board of Sarga Women's Magazine and the Vice President of Creative Women.

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