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EPS-95 Pensioners Warning: Challenge Government Launches Its Nationwide Hunger Strike

New Delhi, July 19, 2023: The EPS-95 pensioners’ struggle for their rights has been a long-standing one, as they have dedicated their lives to the nation’s development. With dire circumstances and distressing living conditions, their demand for higher pension amounts is both just and urgent.

The EPS-95 National Struggle Committee’s hunger strike at Jantar Mantar signifies their determination to fight for their rights and dignity. As the monsoon session progresses, all eyes are on the government to fulfil the pensioners’ legitimate demands.

The call for an increase in the minimum pension amount to INR 7500/-, along with a cost-of-living allowance, is not only a crucial step towards ensuring their financial security but also aligns with the recommendation of the Koshyari Committee. These pensioners, who have served the nation faithfully, deserve a dignified retirement.

The demand for a higher pension based on actual salary, without discrimination, for all EPS95 pensioners reflects their desire for fairness and justice. The adjustment of arrears for the difference between the previous pension amount and the higher pension, as per the Supreme Court’s decisions, is an essential aspect of their demand.

Additionally, the extension of free medical facilities to all EPS-95 pensioners and their spouses is a pressing necessity, considering their advanced age and health requirements.

The demand to include retired employees who were not enrolled in the EPS-95 scheme or provide them with a monthly pension of INR 5,000/- showcases the committee’s commitment to ensuring that all deserving pensioners receive their rightful benefits.

The EPS-95 pensioners’ plight has received attention from the Parliamentary Standing Committee, and it is hoped that their report will address the pensioners’ concerns. The onus now lies on the government to respond to their demands in a just and timely manner.

As the hunger strike commences, the voices of these retired employees will echo across the nation, and their struggle will resonate with people from all walks of life. The government’s response to this crucial issue will define its commitment to the welfare of its citizens, especially those who have dedicated their lives to the nation’s progress.

The EPS-95 National Struggle Committee stands united in its pursuit of justice and fairness, and their determination will be a testament to the strength of collective action. The nation watches with anticipation as the monsoon session unfolds, hoping that the government will heed the call of the pensioners and address their demands, allowing them to live out their remaining years with dignity and respect.

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