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Exclusive Here a Winter Weather Is Still Affecting Flights

According to Flight Aware, 117 flights were cancelled on that morning at DIA, with an additional 177 flights delayed.

The good news for travellers is that, as temperatures gradually warm up throughout the day, flight delays and cancellations should decrease in the afternoon.

However, if you’re flying Tuesday morning from DIA, expect some changes to your flight.

Other cities affected include Nashville, Houston, and Chicago. United and Southwest are the most heavily impacted airlines.

Since the weekend, thousands of flights have been cancelled, with tens of thousands more delayed across the country. Southwest was the hardest hit on Monday, with 700 flights cancelled nationwide.

Some airlines have been informing passengers ahead of time about any changes to their flights. Of course, before flying, check with your airline to get the most up-to-date information on delays and cancellations.

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