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FICCI Hosts The Homeland Security Conference 2023 In New Delhi

The FICCI Homeland Security Conference, 2023 discussed emerging challenges in safeguarding national security from cyber threats and how AI and data analytics could be leveraged for internal security. Innovative approaches taken by law enforcement agencies for the safety and security of citizens were felicitated with the FICCI Smart Policing Awards.

WFY Bureau New Delhi, September 15, 2023: The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has successfully organised its flagship Homeland Security Conference 2023 in association with Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) today at the FICCI House in Delhi. This landmark event provided an invaluable platform for profound discussions and the exploration of cutting-edge advancements in internal security and policing strategies.

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation of the prestigious FICCI Smart Policing Awards during the inaugural program. These awards celebrated the remarkable contributions of state police departments, central armed police forces (CAPFs), and central police organisations (CPOs) in the realm of homeland security and policing. They stand as a tribute to the dedication and innovation exhibited by these organisations in safeguarding our nation.

Mr. Prakash Singh, former Director General of the Border Security Force (BSF) and former Director General of Police (DGP) for Uttar Pradesh and Assam, emphasised the growing digitalization in India, which has increased vulnerability to cyber threats. He highlighted the potential and risks associated with AI, particularly in military applications. Despite a delayed start in technology adoption, India is striving to catch up and enhance law enforcement capabilities. Mr. Singh stressed the importance of strengthening the armed forces and law enforcement to stay ahead of the evolving threats posed by technology.

Ms. Manjari Jaruhar, Advisor to the FICCI Committee on Private Security Industry and Former Spl DG, CISF, GOI, spoke about the journey of the FICCI SMART Policing Awards and mentioned that in the last seven years, more than 1100 nominations have been evaluated by the jury and 208 initiatives have been awarded, which encouraged LEAs to complete to achieve a higher level of expertise and proficiency. She specifically applauded police departments for their ‘Smile’ and ‘Muskaan’ initiatives, which have had a positive impact. She also commended the Delhi police for their effective management of the G20 event. Ms. Jaruhar acknowledged the continuous innovation and crime management efforts of the police, as well as initiatives by the NCB and CRF, contributing to the overall improvement of law enforcement in India.

Dr. Arvind Gupta, Director of the Vivekananda International Foundation and former Deputy National Security Advisor, GoI, noted that technology and cybersecurity have become critical factors in recent years. He highlighted the transformative impact of technological developments and underscored technology as a game-changer in the internal security domain. He stressed the need for combining efforts to strengthen police forces to be a step ahead of negative forces.

Mr. Praveen Jaiswal, Co-Chair of FICCI Homeland Security and Director of Vehere, expressed immense satisfaction in successfully organising the FICCI Homeland Security Conference, underscoring the commitment to facilitating essential dialogues on matters affecting the security of the nation. He said that it is very important for a nation like India, which is leading as a knowledge economy, to develop cutting-edge indigenous capabilities to minimise cyber susceptibility and enhance cyber defence resources. Indian industry is set to join hands with government agencies and LEAs on this front.

Dr. Gulshan Rai, former National Cyber Security Coordinator, GoI, emphasised the transformation brought about by the rise of the IT sector in homeland security. He noted that AI has introduced a unique landscape characterised by efficient planning, suggesting that access to such technology could have potentially prevented events like the 26/11 attacks more effectively.

Technical sessions at the conference covered the following areas:

  • Session 1: AI, ML, and Data Analytics for Internal Security
  • Session 2: Cybercrime Management for Effective Law Enforcement
  • Session 3: Emerging Technologies for Internal Security
  • Session 4: Best Practices in SMART Policing

The FICCI Homeland Security Conference 2023 was indeed an intellectually stimulating and informative event, offering a platform for the exchange of ideas and the exploration of innovative solutions for the complex challenges facing our nation’s security. FICCI extends its gratitude to all participants and stakeholders who contributed to making this conference a resounding success.

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